RED SHOES by Christopher Lord - Truthiracy House of Widsom
Saturn (EL) rules time and Zodiac. CROWN of EL = Cronus, Crone, Old (time). Phoenician = "Cronus" (EL), Latin "Corona", German = krone (scull cap), Greek = Cronus or Kronos = Saturn, Father of time.
In Pizzagate scandal many people are wondering what the Red Shoes stand for in the group picture with Tony Podesta. I have to first to teach you about the esoteric meaning of color Red and meaning of shoes.
1. LIFE. Red is the color of natural sexual arousal. So red represents Fertility of Nature (LIFE) or LOVE and Passion. Red is the color of Love and romance. Red District of Amsterdam -- SEX (XXX). This is why strippers and prostitutes wear RED to signal their nasty sexuality.
Red is the color of Blood. Red represents female menstrual cycle that startes at teen (of Age). Red means you are of age to have sexual intercourse. This is the age of a teen begins to wear RED lipstick.
Our Red Bloody Heart is what we are LOVE and HATE with. The symbol of our SOUL, our LIFE. The Heart of LOVE, DEATH and Sarcrifice.
The SUN is the center of our Solar (SUN) System. SOL = SOUL = SUN. This is why the center of our human body is called the SOLAR Plexus.
The Sun God is the OFFspring of Mother nature. Isis (ICE, Winter, Death) -- Cow Godess. Apis - Egyptian BULL God, green one. ORphan -- OFFspring, Son. Traveling Fool (Sun, SON) left all alone to pass from one status to another. Jester, Jack sharacter.
ORE (Hebrew Light) -- ORB -- RA/RE/ORE/Ro, OWR/AURum (gold). Sunrise -- SUN RA EYES.
The Travelling Fool! The Character of Nature! The FOOL KING of the SUN! First BORN of the DEAD!
RA (RE) was the Sun God the Travelling Fool on his annual journey. The ancient belived the Sun God walked across the sky! REd ROse.
The Sun is: RA (RE), Apollo (Apple EL) the Bull (Ball, Bol), Apollyon Devil of the Bible! Diablo is the Devil! DIA - Bull one of two BI - BULLS, TWO seasons Summer and Winter, Blue and Red. Apple (EL) -- Knowledge (to KNOW) -- SEX, LIFE!
OBELisk of the Egyptian RE. BEL = BAAL= BULL. SUNDIAL = SUN -- Die- EL. Obelisk symbolized Sun god RE|RA. The Word "Obelisk" is Greek rather than Egyptian.
These massive stone shaft were built from red granite and polished with sand and often their tops were capped with gold.
The Wachington Monument is the OBELisck (penis) of the God of nature, the Agricultural God of Death and REsurrection!
Feet are symbol of ones LIFE. Shoes reflect who you are, your personality. By their shoes you will know them. Our feet are what we use to walk through life, they symbolize our heart and our SOUL. This is why our shoes have SOLES. Sole = Soul, bottom of a shoe (Hell).
Feet (shoes)Walk -- life. Soul (Sole). Life& Death. RED SHOES -- SUN Walker. Red Shoes of Jesus -- Passover, End.
Agape (love) -- A GAPING hole, vagina. Passover -- Door, Portal, Tunnel of EL-- Red door -- Blood Way -- Vagina or anus. Pizza Gate. P izza Gate. [P] is a Gate. Open says me. (Sarah Ashcraft). Sex Magic.
Now you will understand why SOLE is our SOUL from your HEART (life) and why our SOUL is the SOL of the SUN.

2. DEATH. Red is the color of Blood sacrifice. SacRED -- Sacrifice RED. The color Red can also represent death.
SOL DIER (SUN DIE) "One who Dies for the Sun". Soldier dies in WAR. WAR -- RAW, RA is the SUN God. Soldier -- SOL (SOUL) DIER One who dies as a Sacrifice to the SUN (SOL) God!
War is RA(W) backwards. WAR = RAW = RA = SUN= RED. W = V = 6 6 - W = 2\3 = 666
RA - 66 = 6X6 666 SUN square
Scull and Bones -- DEcapitation. Scull eating the CROSS of TIME . Red (Bloody) shoes of EXECUTIONER.

Re/ Ra -- Egyptian Solar Deity (God)
Light RAY. Red light ray = right eye sun. War is RA(W) backwards. WAR = RAW = RA = SUN= RED. W = V = 6 6 - W = 2\3 = 666.
RA - 66 = 6X6 666 SUN square. 12 (6), 12x12 = 144, 18, 216, 6x6, Magic Sun, 36, 111, 666.
ORE (Hebrew Light 216) -- ORB -- RA/RE/ORE/Ro, OWR/AURum (gold).

Green one: Fertility, Nature. Apis (Bull God), Osiris, Baal, Tammuz, Dionysus, Saturn, Jesus.
REsurrection Gods: DEath & REbirth
DEscend to the underWORLD (Winter)
REborn again OFFspring (Summer)

Duality: Life & Death of the Nature, Fertility Game. Hearts (cards) -- Life, Spades -- Death.
Summer Winter, December -- DEath of the YEAR
White, Day, SUN (RA - RED)= LIGHT, LIFE Night -- MOON, EVEning, BLUE
EL- light. Light No EL -- No Light
Sunrise -- Life Underworld = Sun down = Darkness, Death
Spring -- Green nature, Rise. Flame Autumm -- Fall. EMBER, ORANGE.
Good (God) -- RA/ RE, Summer Winter (Evil) Bad: Satan, DEVIL, Saturn, Set En
FIRE (HOT SUN) Summer EMBER (Cold, BRRR) Winter, BLUE = Ice
LIFE (Start) DEATH (Finish)

Autumm-- Death of the YEAR, Cyce. EMBER, ORANGE month.
SeptEMBER (7 & 9) September is the beginning of fall.
OctoBER (8 & 9) The colors ORAnge and black represent Haloween.
NovEMBER (9 & 11) Eleven = EL even. EVE of November (9, 11), NOV = 9 (11th month)
DecEMBER (10 & 12) DEath.

Haloween (Samhain) OctoBER 31st. Druidic celtic festival New year.
Whole = Hallow, Holy. Sam = SUN = Summer. Fiun = End. End of the Chain (Hain).


Someone just asked me "Who are the #Hivites?" All of the terrorists in the entire world, including ISIS & Antifa, and every deep state ever, are part of an ancient Babylonian cult family who have dominated&ruled every civilization on earth since biblical times 6000+years



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