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    Biden: The Good and The Bad

    This thread isn't for Biden Derangement Syndrome folks, but this is for honest look at what they are doing and how different they are from Trump both positive and negative.
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    Right wing terrorism thread

    I'm starting this new thread, thought about posting in the George Floyd thread, but I feel this subject really needs a thread of its own to document right wing terrorism and street violence. Proud Boy leader Enrico Tarrio arrested for DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY , something our right wing friends...
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    US agenda in the Middle East

    This is a thread to follow the US and Israeli agenda in the ME, conflicts such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and surrounding areas. Here are some insights on the final days of the Trump regime, and his supposed "pulling troops out" which is false. Abby Martin goes over troops...
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    Expect a false flag to be blamed on Antifa/BLM

    As the Trump dictatorship gets ready to steal the election and criminalize all political opposition, expect a false flag carried out between now and the election to be blamed on Antifa/BLM/protesters etc. AFter this is done, all opposition to Trump will be criminalized and people will be...
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    "Own the Libs"

    In politics you generally have a "progressive" vs "conservative" dialectic or what has been termed the left/right paradigm. Then you have the so called "troof movement" which is supposed to be above this dialectical manipulation, and can see or are termed to be "awake" or "red pilled" However...
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    Eugenics - Migrant detainees sterilized by ICE

    So many horrors going on. What else is new. Whistleblower tells about forced sterelizations in ICE concentration camps.
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    Setting the stage for Iran false flag ?

    Apparently Iran targeted a US ambassador to south africa according to "reports" Trump then tweets to threaten Iran. I believe they are setting the stage for a false flag to be blamed on Iran.
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    Anonymous Trump Epstein dump

    Anonymous has threatened to make Trump accountable for links to Epstein and Trump. They have dropped a document of a lawsuit which was filed against Trump and Epstein accusing r*pe of a minor. I dont trust Anonymous, but this stuff is true, its not new though. The lawsuit is referring to Katie...
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    Southfront kicked off of youtube

    I dont know if anybody subscribed to or watched the southfront youtube channel, but they provided perhaps the best updates of what was going on in Syria, and the middle east, as well as other geopolitical events. Yes they are linked to Russian intelligence I believe, but they did provide a...
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    Biden - Tara Reade Thread

    I think this subject deserves its own thread for updates and analysis. IMO this is a Trump operation using Bernie supporters as dupes to help Trump get elected. Tara Reade is a Bernie supporter and also a Putin worshiper. She went public in an interview with Katie Halper, another Bernie...
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    The Fascists have infilitrated "the Left"

    This is something I have been looking at for a while, but am going to take a serious investigation into this topic. Its no secret that Hitler used "leftist" talking points to gain power and give himself a "populist" appearance. During the 2016 election Donald Trump outflanked Hillary Clinton...
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    Venezuelan president Maduro indicted by USA for drug trafficking

    What a joke this is. Attorney General Barr, who was involved in covering up the Iran/Contra scandal where the US deep state was actively involved in smuggling cocaine out of Central America into the United States, specifically low income/minority neighbourhoods, has now put forward indictments...
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    The Council for National Policy - right wing organization you've never heard of

    I brought this subject up in another thread, in which Judicial Watch came up as a "good source" of information. I explained to the OP that Judicial Watch was controlled by the Council For National Policy CNP. A far right wing think tank which controls the Republican party and the far right...