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  1. Helioform

    Von Braun predicts "Elon"

    Rather strange.
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    Bitcoin hits 40000 bucks Now look at the lemmings jump into NSA created cryptocurrencies. Going from one fiat currency that is actually tangible (dollar) to one that is entirely electronic and can...
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    War with China, Trump or Biden?

    State reasons also.
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    Cain and Abel Were Reptilian Hybrids?

    Fascinating lecture from Rabbi Alon Anava about what the Zohar says about their origin. Talks about Hebrew letters as software code and we as humans are spiritually "bugged" due to Satan (who merged with the snake/reptilian form, which is why I think him and demons are often portrayed as scaly...
  5. Helioform

    Possible Asteroid / Faked Asteroid Disaster on November 2nd

    By analyzing The Economist's December 2019 edition, some have found that there might be a Project Blue Beam event involving an asteroid hitting the coast of the UK, creating 100m waves. Possible real asteroid drawn in or scalar weapons used to create tsunami. The chaos would help trigger WW3 and...
  6. Helioform

    USA Today "fact checks" the Babylon Bee

    Are these people really that retarded that they 1) Really thought someone could "overturn RBG's death" 2) Don't know that Babylon Bee is satire Just goes on to show the IQ...
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    Latest Call of Duty Game Trailer Features Yuri Bezmenov And His Exposure of Communist Subversion

    Maybe Activision just realized that they cannot make money in a commie system? :D I'm telling you, the more the shit hits the fan the more people are gonna wake up like for this Convid19 thing. Maybe a bit too late now though.
  8. Helioform

    "Experts say" reparations for blacks would cost 6.2 Quadrillion dollars

    Just what kind of drugs are these complete idiots on? 151 millions for EACH black person? I can't believe this is being said seriously. Grab a book, study and work hard and then you will deserve your money.
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    Antifa is defending pedos now

  10. Helioform

    In-Depth Explanation of How To Subvert a Country by Yuri Bezmenov

    People in the 80s: What's this guy talking about? People in 2020: Oh I see!
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    The Economist June-July Edition (or the Doomsday edition)

    If anything we know about that magazine knowing or engineering the future is true, then I think we are in for some VERY rough times in the near future. Starting from the left picture we have the so-called next pandemic which has been said in the news to be the Swine Flu 2 and it will come from...
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    There may be more than 36 intelligent alien civilizations in the Milky Way, scientists say (CBS news)

    All in the name of slowly preparing us for the fake alien invasion?
  13. Helioform

    Deep fakes, constructing photorealistic videos using AI

    They keep warning us about individuals using this tech to fake videos, but imagine this being used by the mainstream media...they could take propaganda to another level entirely.
  14. Helioform

    Dopamine detox

    This guy does a good job of explaining the benefits of getting rid of dopamine triggers. He is a millionaire who lives in a rather cheap appartment (for his wealth) with no furniture in it. He only eats chicken, oatmeal, spinach and olive oil. Probably the only rich person I have ever seen who...
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    A Few Concepts To Help Us Better Understand This World...

    Finally something smart and useful on Twitter. Not knowing these is how the masses are being manipulated by a few IMO...we are creatures of biases and it is being used against us.
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    Toxic femininity is real

    Reading a lot of comments on Twitter, I have found this to be very true.
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    What is going on with room 322? - Reddit Mysteries

    I am not sure I really agree with the conclusion of the author of this video. 322 as the hotel room number (same as Skull And Bones Chapter 322) , with pictures of skulls, creepy portraits and concrete walls and floor to make it look like a basement or a dungeon of some kind. There is something...
  18. Helioform

    Corporate VS Kindergarten - You Are Being Conditioned

    This video is from an ex software engineer who basically got tired of the corporate world and decided to make a YT channel exposing that world in rather funny (for me at least, because I tend to get the programming jokes having worked in this field) series of videos that he calls "Corporate...
  19. Helioform

    The Occult and Religious Elements in the Movie: Alita Battle Angel

    So this movie comes out on February 14 2019, and it is based on a manga cyborg character. There are several things I have noticed in the backstory, such as names of places and concepts that are very occultic, and based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as well as certain Biblical verses. First...
  20. Helioform

    The Protocols of Zion Fantasy VS Real Islamic Hate Speech & Islamo-fascism

    I am starting this thread as a counter balance to the Protocols Of Zion thread. You will not read this or hear of this in the news, and especially not from progressives, liberals, or PC people. I used to think that Islamo-fascism/terrorism was simply a synthetic threat made up by the Western...