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    Vitamin d

    Did you know there's basically a 99% chance you are vitamin d deficient? Vitamin d does so much for the body, it can be classed as a hormone, not a vitamin. Every cell in the body has vitamin d receptors and needs vitamin d. Most illnesses people suffer have a component of vitamin d deficiency...
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    South African unrest

    South Africa's former president, Jacob Zuma, was arrested for corruption >his Zulu supporters start rioting >possibly being coordinated by intelligence >largest food warehouse in the country looted and burned >water treatment plants destroyed >power plants on fire >refineries and largest port...
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    Propaganda and social engineering

    this thread Is to expose and discuss social engineering that is occurring through the media and big tech currently. Most mainstream groups have an aspect of social engineering to them - conspiracy culture has gatekeepers, conservatives have Q, liberals have racial division and homosexual...
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    The satanic state named “Israel”

    a brief history. In the 1800s powerful banking families devised a means to have a safe haven from world law, where an ethic solidarity could violate the interests of the rest of the world, and give themselves a basecamp to commit crime with impunity, and lead towards progressive domination of...
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    Alan Watt passes away

    A great speaker, researcher, and analyst of geo-politics passed away March 4, 2021. Many people in the conspiracy community have likely had the experience of listening to his pleasant voice, which transports you into the feeling experience of laying in the grass beside a Scottish loch, and...
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    "The Lobby" New Documentary about the Israel Lobby in the USA

    Links to the first two parts - Following parts will be released at a later time EDIT: Parts 3 and 4 released. Links below
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    Favorite youtube channels

    There are some really good youtube channels that I've come across, but they have been around for a long time without me finding them, probably because of the content they carry, youtube doesn't exactly promote them (read, actively works against and shuts them down at times). Here's some that...
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    This thread is being started to discuss the Gnostic School of the master Samael Aun Weor. Samael Aun Weor unveiled the mystery schools in the public light, and wrote 60+ books on the Christian, Aztec, Tibetan, Tantric, Kabballistic, etc mysteries. He teaches methods for astral projection...