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  1. ~JC~

    Some of my art after eating psychedelic mushrooms

    Shell and tell :) didn’t want to be…shellfish by not sharing :) Lately, I’ve been microdosing. All of my connections have been amazing (esp my willingness to connect with family) also… idk something interesting is going on with my art because I don’t plan some of these very intricate ones...
  2. ~JC~

    Actor William Hurt’s 9/11 story

    Sadly, he passed away from cancer today. The only reason I know this is because of this 9/11 truther page I follow posted his passing and thanked him for speaking the truth. I did some digging and found a piece of his interesting story. “And now comes the proof. Hurt has thrown in with the...
  3. ~JC~

    Be on the lookout for this movie: The Innocents

    they don't release this in the USA until May of this year, for whatever reason...If anyone (outside of the US obv.) has seen this, feel free to let us know what you think. this got really good reviews so far. Trailer:
  4. ~JC~

    CEO of Pfizer on Lex Fridman

    It’s what you’d expect from a CEO of a drug company that’s giving him major bank for “saving the world”
  5. ~JC~

    Dr George Fareed and Dr Brian Tyson Early Treatment Protocol (November 2021) for Covid and variant

    I'm hoping having this information handy will be helpful to anyone who gets sick :) link here, details in link below: Drug Abbreviations: HCQ = hydroxychloroquine IVM = Ivermectin ZN = Zinc Sulfate DOXY = Doxycycline AZM...
  6. ~JC~

    Flashback: Fauci’s NIH funded experiments on AIDS orphans in New York City

    I'm just going to post individual stories I read, specifically about Fauci, in new threads to target focus on him, since it seems he is responsible (or "main puppet") for leading us into this health turmoil we're experiencing. I got the following information from a new THC episode, which I...
  7. ~JC~

    Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR technique, also denied HIV is what actually caused AIDS, and lying ass FAUCI.

    Bio: Kary Banks Mullis was an American biochemist. In recognition of his role in the invention of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique, he shared the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Michael Smith and was awarded the Japan Prize in the same This dude was onto Anthony Fauci from the...
  8. ~JC~

    Lex Friedman talks to Francis Collins, Director of NIH

    I love Lex’s ability to ask important, unbiased questions. Worth a watch/listen. YouTube version:
  9. ~JC~

    old school Lisa Bonet's opinion about vaccination

    I guess buzzfeed did some dumb list about celebrities against the vax and this dude made a video about Lisa Bonet being boycotted (although I don't think she's being BOYCOTTED like he claims). I didn't really get through most of the vid, just found lots of great points made on Phil D way back...
  10. ~JC~

    Some fb whistleblower shit

    Currently lots of fb-connected apps are down, including IG and peeps be wondering if it’s because of this. I personally think they’re updating their site to become more evil in some way, Or simply this is another distraction technique, as all the major stations are reporting on it so you have to...
  11. ~JC~

    Revelations through hypnosis?

    I found this super interesting and possibly quite telling about what we're dealing with right now (around 35:00 she says something that hits a nerve) (the video will not play here, but you can click on it to watch directly on youtube) Blurb: The purpose of this hypnosis session was to...
  12. ~JC~

    Proof numerology is being actively used in the media?

    Some background: This video was created by KJ, someone I’ve been following for quite some time now. His YouTube channel is “thescariestmovieeverchannel” (now uploading and delivering information through multiple sources due to YouTube banning and shadow banning)...
  13. ~JC~

    Employers forcing vaccine - questions, info, documentation

    Is anyone’s job forcing you to get the vaccine? My company decided to mandate it, fortunately I have the option to work from home and will probably avoid losing my job. (MAYBE) Now my bf’s company is mandating the vaccine. He can’t work from home and not sure what to do. His company said if...
  14. ~JC~

    Bob Dylan’s sexual abuse allegations

    Send in the clowns. I believed it immediately. It just seems TOO random for someone to come up with something like this right now..? A lawsuit filed against Bob Dylan earlier this week alleged that the musician sexually abused a 12-year-old girl in 1965. But Dylan scholars have contested the...
  15. ~JC~

    Was Charlie Manson eluding to something here?

    I’ve been on a serial killer kick lately! - I Highly recommend Sons of Sam on Netflix if you haven’t seen it. That story got me thinking about analyzing other serial killers. Many of us realize by now that there’s a dark network at play and the players are people that can never be fully revealed...
  16. ~JC~

    Hypocrites and C-19

    I had no idea de blah blah blah even did this until I watched this informative vid by the comedic Joey B’s just gross. Get ready to laugh and be uncomfortable.
  17. ~JC~


    Pretty interesting stuff.. ...and things to possibly consider
  18. ~JC~

    Spotify Removes Ian Brown Song Over Anti-Lockdown, Anti-Mask Lyrics

    Here we go..! Censorship trickling through all the cracks. “...Ian Brown has come under fire for tweets about the coronavirus pandemic and his skepticism. Brown suggested the crisis was planned and designed to make...
  19. ~JC~

    COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures

    COMING TO YOU, by THIS SPRING or SUMMER! :D things could get interesting... blurb: President Trump’s signature Sunday on the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government...
  20. ~JC~

    Alex Jones on Rogan