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  1. Daze

    For Tempest

    Here, a thread just for you, all about you. Out of respect for @DesertRose we can move the convo here. Unless derailing the Islamic video thread has been your goal?.. and to be honest i would not be surprised. So let me see. .. Why do you quote every post with an insult? It makes me want...
  2. Daze


    Madeleine Albright died on March 23, 2022. She passed away at 84. Lets not forget what made her famous. Her greatest accomplishment was justifying the slaughter of half of a million kids...
  3. Daze

    Iman boosters (true stories)

    A sheikh from Saudi was making a stop at a mosque in Egypt. He called the imam ahead of time. Told him he'd be arriving late and asked him to leave the mosque open at night. So he could come in, pray a few rakat and stay until the morning. Imam said no problem and left the door open that...
  4. Daze

    Missing persons report

    In an effort to stay vigilant we have noticed that it seems there are several members who have gone awol. This thread will be an effort to document the disappearances. ............. Member ~ @Devine AKA: Divine (some have attributed the name change to the Mandela effect) NOTES: Members...
  5. Daze

    Auto tune

    Because why not. Some of its pretty hilarious.
  6. Daze

    Al Musawwir (the Designer)

    Say, “Is the blind equivalent to the seeing? Then will you not give thought?” (6:50 Quran) Sadly many deny a Designer, even when His proofs are everywhere. As time allows I will make simple posts and let the readers decide for themselves. Lets start with a close up of a bee's stinger...
  7. Daze

    Man enough

    The last Prophet (saw) said a day will come when 1 man would have to take care of 50 woman. The Almighty knows best if this day has arrived or if it is still years away. Currently living through the scam-demic, one has to ask, where are the men at? Why are so many quick to mask up and do...
  8. Daze

    Origins of Easter and paganism.

    Have you ever asked yourself what the resurrection of Jesus has to do with rabbits and eggs? It seems rabbits and eggs have long been a part of spring celebrations as symbols of new life. In Australian tradition a bunny would deliver chocolate eggs to many houses. Have you ever wondered how...
  9. Daze

    The Triune god and paganism.

    Throughout history many pagans have worshiped "3 gods". Sometimes referred to as the Triad. For many pagans past. 1+1+1.. really did equal 1. Some of the source material uses the term triple deity. So we will use it. A triple deity (sometimes referred to as threefold, tripled, triplicate...
  10. Daze

    Signs of the hour / proofs of Islam

    Due to all of the anti-Islam threads on these boards I wanted to make one that would showcase the opposite. Things none can deny. I did a brief search and saw nothing other then a few threads showing only a video. So I'll start my own. Tall buildings 1400 years ago an illiterate man in...
  11. Daze

    face palm

    Please add a facepalm to the "like emojis" Some posts here are just...
  12. Daze

    FreeRadioRevolution / Jeff Censored / Fake News report / Supreme Lord Commander

    Not sure how popular this youtuber was here but I've watched him for a long time, 7, 8 years at least. He was popular and well known amongst all the "truther" channels i used to watch. "Used to" as most have been censored into oblivion today. FRR was a Canadian truther trying to avoid...
  13. Daze

    Lie to me

    State 3 things about yourself, with one being a lie. See who can guess which one is the lie. I'll begin. 1. I have blue eyes 2. I'm American 3. I like fishing.
  14. Daze

    Muslim Pro app

    One of the most popular Muslim smartphone app's Muslim pro, with over 98,000,000 downloads, sells it's location data to the US military. I suggest you delete this app if its on your phone.
  15. Daze

    Yajuj, Majuj and Biden

    According to the Quran, Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog in Hebrew) were locked behind a barrier during the time of Dhul Qarnain. Everyday they dig through this barrier, only for the day to end and to come back the next day finding the hole filled back in. The Prophet (saw) said this will...
  16. Daze

    BLM cancelled with one tweet.

    Black Lives Matter 'Canceled' After Criticizing Israel Any doubt who rules the world today? People should really reflect on this one. It reveals alot about BLM and those behind them. As the adage goes, "follow the money". I'm sure this is completely off topic, but i think the Zionist...
  17. Daze

    The 6 ft prayer.

    This seems to be a growing trend globally. Do they enforce 6 ft social distancing and masks in your masjid? There are 42 mosques in my city and this is the reality. Whats the sunnah? I recently watched a lecture with Bilal Assad. He mentioned the hadith where prayers wont be prayed...