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    Check this advert out

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    The state of Christmas

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    Cats in the UK must be microchipped or face fine
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    Asteroid coming 11th Dec

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    Kanye West talks about the "real" enemy.
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    Lawlessness, lack of love or care in society

    Is it just me or is society cold now? When talking about mental health etc how can we promote mental health and support lockdowns and isolation. The same healthcare system is telling you on one hand they are there for your mental health on the other hand they are encouraging masks and...
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    Mouse paralysis healed

    I wonder does this injection contain nanotech/graphene
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    Is hard
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    Take a look at how they narrate a climate change protest
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    Consider this

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    The John Lewis Christmas advert is alien programming and DNA hybrid promoting Every year in the UK people wait for this advert, it has become a sign of Christmas here and it's usually warm and mushy and heartfelt. This is...
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    The antichrist has never left the world stage He's always in the background
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    Twix Halloween advert

    What does this have to do with chocolate How is this normal ?!
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    The celestial dragon

    Revelation 12:3 A physical celestial dragon? Or a solar system? This Christian researcher believes the dragon is a solar system and in the centre is the wormwood star. He says that they are constantly putting debris and codes of the dragon in movies. Check these out
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    The new Time cover

    The missing seats (rapture)
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    Are they lying to us about suicide rates

    In my local area I've heard of a few recent suicides more than I'd heard of in a while some very public. My real life experience doesn't match the statistics nor the logical conclusion that social isolation would clearly lead to further depression and suicide.