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    Hi, yes the SSL certificate expired yesterday. It's been renewed so everything should be good now.

    Hi, yes the SSL certificate expired yesterday. It's been renewed so everything should be good now.
  2. VigilantCitizen

    Was the Vigilant Citizen white but now it's a black teen?? Serious Q, the recent articles are ghetto AF

    Hello, I noticed this thread about me and I thought I'd answer some of your questions. I run this site anonymously for several reasons, ranging from general safety to general paranoia (don't want witches to put hexes on me). But the main reason for the anonymity is that I want readers to focus...
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    I can't restore messages deleted by users themselves.
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    Why aren't all women feminists?

    Please remain civil and refrain from personal attacks or I'll have to ban some people here.
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    Random Thoughts

    1- @lightseeker stop with Jew-related insults - clear violation of forum rules 2- @meximonk stop trying to cause beef and drama. Either you discuss thread topics or you stop posting.
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    Entertainment x BTS x Politics x EXPOSED

    Please keep this thread on topic and keep discussions about religions in the Religions forum.
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    banned members

    I usually issue some warnings then it's a permanent ban. I'm not a fan of temporary bans because this is not a daycare center.
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    Would you date a broke man?

    Thread locked.
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    New comments on main site have pictures

    I was talking about the main site. I believe you originally selected your picture through Gravatar. Just go back there and change your pic. Or maybe you can just log out of Gravatar. I'm not fully sure how this works but you can basically change everything yourself.
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    New comments on main site have pictures

    Just change your avatar to whatever you want.
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    A Safe Space for Zionists

    Thread locked. I strongly suggest that some of you review the forum rules carefully because bans are about to be distributed.
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    Forum Update Dec 2019

    I believe that Bitchute only allows iFrame embedding which is highly risky for site security. I will look into it. But I agree, YouTube is garbage which is why I never created a channel on there.
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    Forum Update Dec 2019

    A profile post can be about whatever you want as long as it follows forum rules.
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    Forum Update Dec 2019

    You can block someone by highlighting the username and selecting "Ignore". To delete a thread, simply report it and mention that you want it deleted.
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    Forum Update Dec 2019

    Hello, A major forum upgrade was installed this week. It fixed a long list of bugs and improved its looks and usability. Also, you will now find profile posts on the sidebar of forums. With this increased visibility, an already existing forum rule will be enforced for profile posts: I hope...
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    How And Why Does Israel Have So Much Power?

    Hello, Please respect this forum rule: 7. Keep religious discussions and proselytizing in the Religions forums. Thanks.
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    posting non-YT video clips

    Hello, Sorry for answering your original request a year later - I thought this was resolved. According to the forum software help files, you can currently only embed videos from these sites: Apple Music Dailymotion Facebook Flickr Giphy Imgur Instagram Liveleak Metacafe Pinterest Reddit...
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    End of Time Ministry

    This should be in the religions forum.