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  1. Fajr

    Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects

    This thread is for all vaccine side effects and anecdotal experiences many of which exist in reporting systems like VAERS and many are reported on social media, etc. The mainstream media fails miserably at reporting actual side effects and constantly keeps the narrative that the vaccines are...
  2. Fajr

    Famine Ahead?

    Lesson learned from Coronavirus is that people can turn against each other at anytime. A flu like virus showed immense fear and irrational panic buying of everything including toilet papers and humans can turn into greedy monsters at any time. Any major event in the horizon can cause in one way...
  3. Fajr

    Two Moons Appeared in Dubai

    Have a look at this, it is mind blowing: People on social media saw this and started talking about it. I mean it looks so realistic that it never came to my mind that it...
  4. Fajr

    Muslim Prayer Timings

    I see there are Muslims here and this is really great. I wanted to share a very important thing that unfortunately most Muslims don't know about. I have compiled and translated a lot of the religious texts that show and prove how the prayer timings especially the morning prayer, by most Muslims...