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    'Gilligan's Island' Star Dawn Wells Dead at 82 from COVID ...
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    Prions in Plants?
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    Cases of deadly flesh-eating bacteria are exploding in parts of the US
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    Blood test 'can check for more than 50 types of cancer'
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    Lyle Waggoner RIP
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    Dead Sea Scrolls

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    11 FX Shows On Hulu You Should Drop Whatever You're Doing And Watch Right Now If you missed The Strain, here's a chance to catch it. Excellent show...
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    These rat bastards are POISONING THE CHILDREN! And the dumbing down of America continues (apparently intentionally)....
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    Hurricane Radio

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    Scandal Erupts Over Murder-Porn Movie Where Elite Liberals Hunt Trump Supporters
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    Tool's entire discography is now streaming online
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    Graphs show mystery rise in Social Justice around 2012

    Ya know, I was thinking about this very subject yesterday. Back in 2012, I was anti-republican, watched Maddow, O'Donnell, The Daily Show, Colbert Report every night and even made this short video (below) about the RNC in Tampa that year. Then the left went stone cold crazy, and I've had...
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    Mel Gibson casting in Rothchild comedy sparks outrage
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    US Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Make Puerto Rico 51st State 'I'll Punch the Bully in Mouth': Puerto Rico Governor's Message to Trump's WH
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    This Is Why The Multiverse Must Exist