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  1. Seekeroftruth55

    Sam Smith. Gay man to non binary.

    I was thinking even more about this in detail last night. We have definitely seen obvious displays of the satanic elite in the media for a while now, but this one takes the cake. Sam Smith's performance seemed way too blatant and in people's faces. This got me to realize just how close we are to...
  2. Seekeroftruth55

    Does Bible Doctrine Prohibit Women From Shaving Their Legs Etc.

    This is an interesting thread! I was also pleasantly surprised to see this being for women that hate all the social norms forced on us. It sucks how much the double standards are taking place. It sucks to have to shave all the time. As someone with dark coarse hair, this society can be quite the...
  3. Seekeroftruth55

    Wednesday (The Netflix Series)

    The way I look at it, neither men nor women should be promiscuous. It's dirty on both sides. We are meant to get together and start a family, not spread our "love" around.
  4. Seekeroftruth55

    Weird Stuff In Food

    That's one of the only things that seems to stay the same lol thankfully. Sadly, I can't even eat them :p
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    Sam Smith. Gay man to non binary.

    Exactly. It seems like this is something the top elites know about and are using to their advantage. This happens so often. It can be something blatantly obvious, like being forced to take the vaccine, and they still push it in our faces and make a joke about 5G controlling people or something...
  6. Seekeroftruth55

    Sam Smith. Gay man to non binary.

    This is very true. It's better if people told it how it actually is, instead of sugar coating it. This world could be better. It seems the more people wake up, the more obvious they are. That whole awards show with Sam Smith's performance looked like one big satanist show
  7. Seekeroftruth55

    Sam Smith. Gay man to non binary.

    Wow. Just wow. Seeing that performance with Sam wearing the devil horns and heels I seems... and the women in cages and everything, we can tell there's an agenda, it's so obvious. This is sickening ! They aren't hiding anything, anymore.
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    This is sadly true. It's hard enough for women to do all of this. We have way too many roles we...

    This is sadly true. It's hard enough for women to do all of this. We have way too many roles we are taking on, and women just don't always have the energy/strength to take all of this on. I can see how it's hard on the reproductive systems of women due to their stress level. Feminism has made...
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    Do you think flo(the girl group) sold out?

    It's horrible because anyone who becomes as popular as they do, unfortunately signs some sort of contract or is doing something behind the scenes. I believe some celebs/entertainers actually regret their decision and want to get out of the system. There have been some singers from those reality...
  10. Seekeroftruth55

    The Neverending Story Series Mind Kontrol

    It's so sad how so many tv shows/movies have horrible symbolism and meanings to them. The Neverending Story is a movie I've loved for years. It's crazy what's actually associated with it.
  11. Seekeroftruth55

    Symbolic pics sharing thread (allseeingeye...)

    I was saddened to see these kind of symbolisms in a game that seems so fun and entertaining, and also meant for kids to chill out to. I am watching the walkthrough for Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and it actually seems fun, there's just so many symbolisms displayed that showcase what their real...
  12. Seekeroftruth55

    Weird Stuff In Food

    And if we can actually afford them. Horrible that they over price anything that is half way decent :confused:
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    Weird Stuff In Food

    It's true that it seems that many foods claiming to be organic aren't always what they say they are. Sadly, some of it is a scam to pay an arm and a leg for "healthy" food. This is why I don't understand all those fad diets that go around and how so many believe in them. Even our so called...
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    Actually, it's all the same. All the agendas, all the destruction and warfare, it all comes from the same people. I doubt it's bigger than MK ultra, because all of this is part of the same plot to destroy humanity.
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    It is actually very mind boggling how things actually are in this world. It seems like a story/movie and it seems that's exactly what they want us to believe. But, it's all real, and we are experiencing it all the time. The signs are all there. So many that have no idea what's going on would...
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    I do believe that there are SOME in Hollywood and some of the satanist women can be trans, yes, but not ALL of them like some claim on here. I feel that the constant stereotyping on how a woman should look 100 percent is actually harming women, making them even more self conscious. It also...
  17. Seekeroftruth55

    Canadians Unite

    Ha! Is this actually what he wanted? To get booed at and hated by people in the country? He definitely deserves every second of this! Plus, it's been a year since the Freedom Convoy started, hasn't it?? Awesome :p
  18. Seekeroftruth55

    Plagues band satanic

    This really is obvious. And crazy how these people would ever seem like anyone who would "care for the earth". It's getting harder and harder to keep seeing this same climate message over and over again. We all know who's actually destroying everything.
  19. Seekeroftruth55

    The Curious Journey of Jordan Peterson

    Exactly. And it's so true how much of an illusion it is. Giving us a "choice". Sad how this happens so much in this world. We never actually have the choices we need. It would be nice to hear people talk who are truly genuine and wanting to help the people in this world discover the truth properly.
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    Problems with modern medicine

    That sadly seems like something that happens so often. So many don't realize this or don't realise that doctors don't really care for them as much as they think. Often people will believe they are good because they are to care for our health. I can agree it's more than just money. We are to...