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    Joe Burrow

    Well, I guess I have been on this site for too long because my first thoughts of the outfit Joe Burrow wore to the playoff game was predictive programming and feminization and humiliation. LOL Thoughts?
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    White Supremist behind Trump at rally.

    did anyone see that video of the guy behind Trump flashing the OK sign a lot? I don't think he was removed either as I have seen done before when a guy was acting weird.
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    New Cardi B & Megan The Stallion Video Reeks of Beta Kitten Programming

    This is just vile. What now ex strippers(not really) are role models for the younger generation. I'm no prude but this is pretty close to porn if I have to say.
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    Kanye West Cult?

    Just saw that Kanye has been holding Sunday "services". They all wear the same thing and have to sign NDA's. Sounds kind of fishy to me.