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  1. Aazaad

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    Well shiver me timbers! But I'm not talking solely about the US, nor being absolute in this thought.
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    Israel vs Palistine: another distraction to keep people fighting.

    I think zionists, "Israel" (what an undeserving name!), hate even the Jews that don't bow to their ideologies, like the Lev Tahor; and basically anyone that takes their religion to an extreme, could be an ally to them. Baha'is, Wahhabis, Evangelicals, you name it. On a side note, if any...
  3. Aazaad

    Travis Scott's satanic ritual with 5G and Vaccine

    Ugh these big ass concerts that nobody ever complains about. All the audio/visual systems, fireworks, etc. must waste a lot of electricity and cause lots of pollution but no one cares. And that's just the "normal", non-symbolic ones.
  4. Aazaad

    Symbolic Album Covers

    So that's meaning of the "peace/victory" sign, I always thought it was just the perversed British (apparently Churchill popularized it) hand sign, reversed as a form of self-flipping.
  5. Aazaad

    The American “Coup d’etat”

    I don't think they're hard-fixed per election exactly, rather that it's a rigged, tightly controlled filter that lets only absolute pawns through, while the "voting" itself actually happens to let people think they have say in it. And if anyone of those filtered pawns goes rogue, in a way that...
  6. Aazaad

    Abayas Banned In France Controversy Could Mini Skirts Be Next?

    All prophets, or to be accurate, messengers, have been sent to guide all of humanity, but unfortunately many believers (in all religions pretty much), have been led to believe otherwise.
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    Abayas Banned In France Controversy Could Mini Skirts Be Next?

    And there's a clear lack of understanding here. @Lurking009 just fyi, a Muslim can't not believe in Jesus (or Moses or...). @Daze I think you have to be more clear here. Sorry for acting as a moderator, remove if necessary.
  8. Aazaad

    Abayas Banned In France Controversy Could Mini Skirts Be Next?

    Overrated. It's rather sad that people, particuarly religious/conservative minded ones, put to so much faith in the education systems. It's one thing to say wether they're effective at educating, but to rely on them to teach kids everything is just dumb. @polymoog you didn't look hard enouh...
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    Oh boy! Has this been posted? I'm not surprised, because I know have not chosen to ignore his past, including how the very same media that ripped on him on a daily basis, promoted him right up to his election.
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    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    Yeh I think pokemon's slogan of "gotta catch 'em all", is actually in reference to the franchise catching us all. And FF and many other jrpgs, openly have spells to summons djinns and ifrits.
  11. Aazaad

    Symbolic Album Covers

    Yeah, even if they are not bad people to begin with, most artists will be, at least to degree, since universal art education is systematically evil. Even many that go against the system, are inherently playing in the system since they were raised by/in it, ie. Carlos Latuff, very vocal about...
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    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    Funny how some things change in localisation.
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    Symbolic Album Covers

    For classical music, see this thread by ToxicFemininitySucks, I personally have no source besides the metal music I've unfotunately heard, and a hunch I had on based on 'stories' and biographies I've read of classical musicians, which that thread somewhat proves. The only one I remember ever...
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    Disney Exposed

    It's an age old trope and there's at least some truth to it, I've seen kids, especially pre-school age, some even with mental disorders, that act smarter than their brain-washed and/or routinised parents. The thing is that in this media, said kids are often past school age, if not teenagers...
  15. Aazaad

    LGBT+ movement starting to backfire [part 3]

    Some, like Walken and Mortensen may be stretching it bit. Otherwise, media has a strange obsession with realism when it comes to kids, from making babies actually cry (can they not use sound effect or something?), sometimes for multiple takes, to kid stunts like those of Chloe Moretz and Dafne...
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    Symbolic Album Covers

    That's probably the tamest album "art" that involves child nudity. Don't look them up, serious. I don't know the Sacred Heart's significance, but who the one holding it is supposed to be? Because I find that image more sacriligious; a common yet not well known technique to insult religious...
  17. Aazaad

    Video Games & Anime Illuminati Agenda Exposed

    Somehow eastern (Japan, and recently Korea, China, Indonesia, etc.) gamemakers are very well versed in demonology... or maybe not as well versed as western developers in hiding the names; or at least the ones that bother to.
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    Elites who committed suicide by hanging

    I DON'T actually want any details, but how can hanging from a doorknob kill someone? I thought there had to be some height or sth.
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    Wearing a Mask

    I don't think you and I have done enough to ... enlighten people about masks. At least, not enough to mock the poor things who still believe in it.
  20. Aazaad

    The crappy thing is they are the robots, we should be ones verifying them. Upside down world all...

    The crappy thing is they are the robots, we should be ones verifying them. Upside down world all around.