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    Barbie movie hype

    I just looked it up The band was called Boomkat Seemed this was still better than how she is now.
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    Barbie movie hype

    She seemed different in Crossroads. It's sad how many of these celebs are forced to change to become a certain image catering to MK Ultra. Yep, this is exactly what they want women to be.
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    Without Tawheed, all your deeds are useless and worthless.

    Ah, it definitely sounds like a made up term. XD. just another label to put on people. Oh yes! Funny enough I have seen someone use that term.
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    Without Tawheed, all your deeds are useless and worthless.

    You're very welcome. We need more people to see this truth, it's merciful to want to try to help them. That takes a lot of patience and kindness. They also like to pass around this "trinny" word alot. Is it short for Christian? Doesn't seem very clever.
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    Doja Cat's new album

    It sure seems like she would be someone with a handler. Just seeing how she presents herself and how disturbed she seems to be. Seems like the evidence of someone who's being abused.
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    Without Tawheed, all your deeds are useless and worthless.

    I feel bad for poor Claire on this thread. Seems like the typical gang up. It is pretty horrible to see this kind of thing on here. I guess that's what religious debate can turn into.
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    It really does sound like a warning. It's crazy how we can be taught something is so good for us and ends up harming us in the end. I feel bad for this guy. I guess treadmills are better used for walking, but I still prefer to go outside and do so.
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    Houses, furnitures and objects Illuminati

    There was this huge mansion that I saw on YouTube. It was in California, and the guy was doing a tour of it. It was so elaborate, but not without its symbolism. There was a massive painting in one of the relaxation rooms with a big one eye on it. They tried to make it look abstract, but I saw...
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    Wow, that's not cool. This reminds me of jogging, too. Apparently it's really bad for your knees.
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    Recent absence in VC forums.

    It does seem like things are getting better here, it's nice to see. Maybe things will be alright after all.
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    The Library of Alexandria burns

    I actually wonder how many important documents and such were burned in Alexandria. Seems it was a way to help fabricate what actually happened in the history prior to it. A fabrication enabler, it seems?
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    Recent absence in VC forums.

    Its obvious @Daze that you just want to argue and play victim card. You obviously did not read this person's post properly. Being against Sharia Law is not about being against all Muslims. What it sounds like is a stand up to those who attack others for not agreeing with the law, when people...
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    Recent absence in VC forums.

    It is true that Seeker was trying to stay on topic. This unfortunately did turn into a religious debate due to that post in a sense, but it did remain on the main topic. I do find there has been an issue in the first place with this particular topic. Seems this forum has become more hostile...
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    Canadians Unite Canadians really are having a hard time, aren't they? Of course they get taxed more than any other country, especially for something as ridiculous as TWO carbon...
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    For anyone who needs a voice on VC Forums

    Thank you so much for this wonderful input and message. You're such a kind person, yourself. This message has touched me. It is so beautifully written. I appreciate everything you have said, and could not agree with you more that people need to feel so much more comfortable posting here and...
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    The Environment...Flora & Fauna...Pollution, Energy Crises, Geoengineering & Climate Change...

    That is so sad. They really are like martial law over there, and would destroy anyone who gets in the way of their agenda. I also pray for them. This is totally unnecessary.
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    Recent absence in VC forums.

    Exactly. I am in complete agreement. Things have gotten way out of hand, it's horrible when people cannot discuss anything without fear of someone attacking them and trolling them. People should feel comfortable when they come here and talk about what they would be afraid to say to others in the...
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    LGBT+ movement starting to backfire [part 3]

    This is awful. I feel so bad for her. This generation is all about we can be whoever we want. But this ends up being even more of a toxic mindset. I was saddened by the symptoms this poor girl went through. As each day passes, more and more doctors are wrong. They are being taught in ways that...
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    Annoying Trends

    Hmmm annoying trends, let's see... Brightly colored socks with sandals. Seems like they want to be seen :p
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    I am actually not sure. It might not have as many occultism attachments but could be almost as bad. I know that Pilates markets to certain groups of people. I believe stretching for a few minutes a day would not be so bad. I hope this helps, I apologize if I could not help more.