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    Android or iPhone-- which do you prefer?

    I didn't know the story about the Apple's name. Thanks for enlightening me! I still use Android and I'm pleased with it. And the price is lower.
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    What are you reading?

    Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. What a fascinating blend of history and magic! I got my copy from The Book Loft of German Village customer service that was amazing. The staff was incredibly helpful in recommending it and made the whole shopping experience delightful.
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    The science of fasting

    I'm having weight-related health issues and really, really want to get back to a healthier range. Despite years of effort I can't seem to ever drop more than 10 lbs. Will fasting help? And do meds for weight loss work?
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    How Do You Stay Healthy?

    Is there anyone here who faced health issues and needs to lose weight ASAP to manage the condition? What can you advise?
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    Fetish fashion…

    Yeah, it seems people are divided in two groups: those who blindly follow their favorite celebrities, and those who don't care much and wear what is comfortable. I personally prefer things I like the way I look when wearing them. I usually contact ken and dana design customer service to choose a...
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    Nicotine addiction.

    Is there anyone who switched to vaping and was able to quit smoking?
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    people are so bland to converse with

    I also noticed that. When I was a teen, we talked to each other for hours, both on the phone and in person. Now most people prefer not to tell much.
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    Post Pandemic Trauma

    I also was pretty anxious because of that situation with the pandemic. I hope it won't happen again.
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    Medical beds -Med Beds

    I'm sorry your MIL needs one. I know that medicaleshop offers a wide choice of medical products, including beds. I called medicaleshop customer service once and they turned out to be very careful and helpful. Anyway, I wish you and your family all the best!
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    I never thought that fluoride toothpaste could cause brain fog. I'll be careful with it. Thanks for sharing!
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    The Elon Musk thread

    I'm not a big fan of Elon Musk, but it seems he knows much about investments. Just read that he sold almost all his houses created by boxabl and bought a tiny house in Texas to focus on building rockets, electric cars and his other ventures. Interesting decision for such a rich person. And I...
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    People freaking out on airplanes

    Yeah, some people act weird. And unfortunately, it is easy to meet them when traveling.
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    The movie Split

    I finally watched this movie yesterday. Good one. And what helped me enjoy it more was using an ad blocker. I'm glad that I looked through the total adblock reviews and installed it just before watching the movie. Absolutely another experience :)
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    I've been doing yoga for the last three months. I feel great and no back pain anymore.
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    General entertainment

    I also noticed that. Some of my friends often ask me why I'm so inactive when it comes to social media. I just don't get it. Why should I share my personal life with the whole world? I prefer spending more time with my family and sharing the good moments with them. For example, last summer, I...
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    marketplace Q and A thread

    Where do you usually buy ink and printer toner cartridges? I have two printers at home and need to change cartridges in both of them.
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    Tumblr is promoting eating disorders

    I'd also ban such videos! Unfortunately, eating disorders are a pretty common issue today. The main problem is that most people want to standardize themselves and look like others. We need to learn how to love and accept our bodies. But still, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and do...
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    What I learned from a visit to the dentist

    There are several points here I've never thought about before. What I learned from my last visit to the dentist is that I need dental insurance. I've already found the contacts of delta dental of massachusetts customer service to find out the details about their plans. My friend uses and likes...
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    One 19th century artist's vision of the future

    Great series! Thanks!
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    Well, there are things to consider for sure.