Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2019, Killing 42 Million People

Oct 31, 2021
How about not opening your legs to a man whose baby you don't want?
But there are actual incidents of r*pe as well in the liberal , do what thou wilt upbringing/ society.

Also, (I hope) you know , I know there are such gargantuan devious/scheming mfkin men / male who take on sucha subtle gentleman garb for one night , one night stand and one gullible female / woman (that he couldn't care less what that few hours of garb that he deliberately took, is going to do to that female's / woman's life forever.!!)

Its a human condition. We men of this Earth ought to move more towards spiritual to balance everything all around. Women will follow suit. But until we men do that, we are consistently ruining ourselves, the other sex/gender individuals and also the planet as a whole.

Btw, it is obvious that the paedoelites do not want planet's men to go anywhere even near spiritual. So that's that!


May 11, 2020
I really believe that the elite have used nato and primarily america as their industrial cog to build and advance the new world order. We are the sheep being taxed and building their world empire. The truth is the elite need abortion for reasons other than spoken about and it goes back to why ancient civilizations practiced human sacrifice.

The elite and the emerging beast empire need abortion in America because its a ritualistic occult practice that empowers and aids their crusade and conquest. The blood of children is the currency they use to get blessings and favor and aid from demonic deities they sacrificed to. We are empowering the advancement of their occult world order by the bloodshed. Why are all the elite involved in sick and twisted stuff with children? Why do they promote eugenics and what is the spirit behind eugenics? These ancient demonic deities will help and advance the empire and vision but they demand blood in return as the currency. This is what ancient civilizations believed in human sacrifice for blessing and aid from the gods. More blood to the demonic deities more favor more aid. They are trying to harness and channel occult power to advance their bidding and seeking the favor and blessing of dark entities. Just look at the occult layout of washing DC. Its all for the purpose of weaponizing and harnessing occult power. Its hidden in plain sight.