BTS discussion thread

Mar 1, 2021


Sep 29, 2021
Feb 20, 2020
Someone here before said that there was alot of yellow and blue programming everywhere. Bts really work for elites. Like on was indicating war and and there was full of yellow and black in butter. Yellow and black together represents danger. It's like their every mv says something. I wonder what is meaning of ptd
containers = human trafficking / fema camps like the containers that performances took place during the superbowl all predictive programming
the dances they make people dance are pagan dances and they are inviting demonic being inside they are showing themselves available to those beings and dancing like pagans to music of hell that is what the Lord revealed
purple balloons in the air = souls of people who will die also magic in the air
washing machines whole thing happening in the laundry = laundering money / portals / brainwashing when a person is shown to look thru the window of the laundry
desert theme has to do with the coming of the fallen as well
we are golden on the container = coming of their golden age the V age
elton john is not mentioned for no reason in the song lyrics that man has to do with human trafficking and satanic rituals you know how those people are
dancing fools is a code for the fool/joker/jester aka destruction like jhopes jack in the box song which is actually about the opening of the pandora box and letting demonic beings in our realm
the whole marine themed mvs have to do with marine spirits
cuz when we fall we know how to land = coming of the fallen