BTS discussion thread

Feb 12, 2022
Yeaaap, this whole celebrity thing not jist bts tbh, its just dump asf, and yes b*s has done nothing good to noone so far, not even themselves, they're as delusional as their fans, both need a reality check.
Celebrities are just mouth pieces of satan, well most of them really are. Consider 7 deadly sins, every human must've committed it to some extent but these people are prideful as it is a requisite to be a narcissistic to a varying degree. Ordinary people won't like so much of attention to themselves. They invoke lust, their greed knows no limits for e.g V known to be a social climber. All of these entertainment industries are known to be a cut-throat environment due to a competitive nature. Still these people are worshipped by millions. The sensitive ones are usually the ones who end up dead. I often think about people selling things on their little bicycles, poor people striving day to day living off crumbs. What makes these rich people so entitled? Are they more hard worker than a mine-worker or just a casual labourer who works their assess off. Why are we here discussing these fking idiots at the first place to keep this thread always on top, including myself. (im asking myself this question)
Isn't this a turn off for stupid ar*ies, how these people really are knowing all this dark stuff these lunatics do?


Jun 26, 2022
His fans love the way he treats them. They think his disrespect towards fans and rudeness to his members is great. It's always the foreign fans who love it too. I used to be his fan but had too much self respect to run after someone that couldn't be bothered with me.
Always said that he should treat fans well but instead..
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Mar 23, 2018
It's always the foreign fans who love it too
He's only rude, foreign fans have seen worse.