BTS discussion thread

Mar 1, 2021
The old army who got annoyed by them and left fandom was after they started being too thirsty for US validation. Aren't their fans at home gets too possessive when they try to please foreigners?
This is why I've started listening to Jpop. There's a group that has Black and Japanese members, a schedule of lives with one day setup for English speakers, and they go out of their way to interact with fans. I hope more groups come out that appeal to local and foreign fans, because kpop is too much. Sea countries and India are putting out more foreigner friendly groups.


Apr 6, 2018
Can you explain more about the businessman representation? Thank you.
Well, he has, the beehive representation. A term you'll see a lot, it's about harvesting people's energy for the main egregore, like bees harvest nectar. The egregore is a result of common thinking or personal thinking concentrated in one place. It also has the tower, which can be represented as a beehive. The tower also symbolizes the God to which this egregore is linked, it is the second God, the one who supports. It is also linked to the action of light. And the tower is also linked to the electricity, and to the signal, that produces both to possess, or to attract the spirits, always in a case of power supply.
Feb 12, 2022


Dec 9, 2020
NJ has been open about other sexual literature he's read in the past and the things he's done while reading said literature (his exact words "second hand pleasure"), and like, you wanna brag about that with your friends that's fine, but don't announce that on social media. That's the sort of stuff nobody needs to know. And he knows that it's going to influence people, and there is 100% an agenda with that.

Like you guys I worry about their youngest followers. Sure, he's an adult but if your following is pre-teens, watch what you do, especially with how easily influenced that age group is.


Oct 24, 2021
YG is expected to enlist later on this year. I thought JH had chosen to end his extension early and just go even though he doesn't have to until next year?
air's only gonna be breathable again when N4mj00n leaves...
y00ngi might get exempt cause of his shoulder surgery and all... i don't know if he will want to, maybe he will go to military so people won't badmouth. but i have heard before of idols exempted for big surgeries (like when Kyu!hynn of Sup3r Jvni0r had a car crash and needed surgery for his leg).
i feel they try to push as much devilish music out as if they're afraid they won't reach as many people with their curses and demonic influence 2 years later, they know they won't be as relevant then.