Celebrities/famous Folk Who 'know' Thread

Lizard King

Oct 20, 2021
Ian Brown (Stone Roses)

Btw, I have always thought the 90's grudge movement was another social engineered covert op, like the 60's hippy movement.
I have thought grunge music was to romanticize heroin and get kids to buy it. Look at Layne Staley for example from Alice in Chains. Him and Cobain must have made a lot of dealers rich plus all the people that listened to them. Record companies were probably in league with it too because I think drug cartels are running them.

Lizard King

Oct 20, 2021
I truly do love this forum & have total respect for the person who created this website, but there seems to be an ongoing theme of speaking quite negatively regarding transgender/gender fluid/or as Native Americans call them “2spirited people (that does not include trans people). I believe that there is no “agenda” by the Elite to try and brainwash people to become trans, or whatever. I am an openly bisexual/(somewhat pansexual) woman who is very grateful that us LGBT people are being recognized, and are now able to live our authentic lives without feeling shame, like there’s something “WRONG” with us, etc. Not too long ago, it was absolutely unacceptable in society to be openly LGBT, and people had no choice but to live, guilt ridden, hidden double lives in fear of being “outed.” That…thank goodness has all changed for us LGBT people, and we are FINALLY FREE to be true to ourselves, & live & enjoy an honest, proud & spiritually fulfilling lifestyle. (Living a lie is not actual living; just merely existing)…. :)
I found gay people more interesting when they had to hide in closets and were the underdogs because I always root for the underdogs. Now they just bore me and seem to be oppressive.

Mini Contini

Jan 25, 2021
Doutzen Kroes! Just check her Instagram, she's amazing.
Here in the Netherlands, we have the pejorative term ‘wappie’ to distinguish the wolves (wappies) from the sheep. The Dutch media coverage is trying hard to ridiculise her (opinion) and anyone else with a similar view.

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Nov 5, 2021
I knew about Prodigy from Mobb Deep the hip-hop group, but I never knew he released this album:

So many great lyrics in this album, talking about how the mass public are brainwashed and have the truth hidden from them by the media and how governments are oppressing people while pretending to help. I always thought the circumstances of his death (aged 42) were suspicious but the fact this album came out 6 months before his death explains it all perfectly.

(Track 5 - Mafukin USA)

Big up to sistren and brethren around the globe
To sleeping giants have awoken
Life to us is like Play-Doh
We just shape the shit how we want it
Come graduate from that old school
This is higher learning, we past that
Take a leap of faith and just let go
We waitin' for you in the aftermath
Behind The Wizard's curtain ;)
This ain't Kansas for certain
We live in living color
Backstage at the Truman Show
Everything not three dimensions
There's so much more to be seen
Open up your third eye or you gon' miss everything
(Track 13 - No Religion)

Now! hear me clearly
The reason I am how the I am, they don't scare me
I'm not under the spell, I'm not trapped in the cycle
They can't pull the wool
Over my eyes, I see the truth
For all of our lives, we've been lied to
And I know, it's hard to accept
So we drink away the pain and party to death
Have so much sex, smoke so much weed
We just wanna have fun, we don't wanna think
We just wanna make dollars, we don't wanna make sense
We don't wanna pay attention, we just wanna pay the rent
(Track 18)

You have just been exposed to a range of propaganda devices
Used by the West to control, manipulate, neutralize and anesthetize entire populations
It's own and that of other nations
Coincidence it's not available on amazon.com? ...not even as a digital download? Lol.

Edit: The 2012 mockumentary film 'Propaganda' is sampled multiple times in this album. Here's the trailer:

And you can watch the full film here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8BjnNX8zUFle/
(it was removed from Youtube and the current mirrors of it require age verification)

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