Covid-19 Vaccines Deaths & Side Effects


Jul 28, 2021
Heck knows whats going on in China .Might be all bs and nothing aint happening,or maybe they did release something in there ? Or maybe their immune systems are wrecked from constant lockdowns,pollution and vaxxes . Or they cranked up the power on 5G towers to radiate people to help it make it look as some kind of pandemic ( havent seen or heard anyone on those china videos coughing ,supposed to be respiratory illness lol ?)
Covid 19 effectively ended Hong Kong protests. Recently also people have been rising up against CCP.They got rid off most of that covid nonsense and immediatly they got 600 million covid positive people ? So that they could later say "see,lockdowns were very effective and useful.Science ! Lockdown forever!"
Also they letting covid positive chinese people travel everywhere apparently .Or atleast thats what the mainstream media has been saying in many countries.So they are either letting it spread or making it look so .Seems they aiming for global scamdemic/lockdown again.


May 15, 2017
I don't blame those still sleeping
my Soul/Light hurts for them because
I Know what they're going to lose
what We're all going to lose,what
We have lost

We were all there and if I still was
I can't say a 100% I wouldn't buy into
the lies because I did at one point
before waking up

NO one deserves this and yeah I do
agree with the title in that We NEED
Peoples to wake up but until We can
break the silencing/censorship nothing
will change

again I will ask where are the so called
white hats/Good hackers that are on Our
side at

get into the msm platforms not one,two
even a dozen get it done by the hundreds
or the thousands

show others what to do there are those of
Us out there who Know what NEEDS to be
done and are willing to do it but don't have
the means to do it alone