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May 15, 2017
i cannot confirm anything about the burning
of a baby and isn't what I'm posting this for

w/e it is that flys out of this fire does definitely
not look like natural part of the fire/smoke,its a
different colour/go a different direction from the
rest of smoke

I personally Believe it is be a nomed/shadow being/
w/e name Ya wanna use for the dark negative creations
that live amongst Us in the Seen and unseen part of
Our World

I've noticed a massive increase in these sorta things
being in Our World for w/e reasons,there is a that spring
to mind for me

there is many more Peoples doing things such as ghost hunts/
/occult/ranomnatica/etc...Us watching all this stuff feeds into
it's energies as does how We listen/watch music/movies/tv etc..
all of that helps this darkness/evil grow in Our World

not to mention the things We have Seen floating through
crowds of protestors feeding of the negative energies there

who Knows what all tptb are bringing forth into Our World w/e
it is it's not going to be to the benifit of all Peoples that much
We should be able to agree upon

in Our World at this moment We See a lot of the negative Peoples
have to offer being done/encouraged/brought through on purpose
that attracts all these creations like a light in the dark

I Believe We're going to See an infestation of w/e Ya wanna call it snomed
which does happen to be a card in the deck of illumincardti card game
(Hope my spelling makes sense)I don't wanna feed any energies into
certain wording anymore and been making an effect not too

anyhoo I'm done ranting lol what do Y'all think it is?



May 15, 2017

I agree a 100% with her,Peoples are
so lost in their devices and doing w/e
makes them happy they no longer act
like they're human

lack of empathy/sympathy/Love etc...
the Light inside Us is being killed off
by tptb with their seniccav

they've told Us straight out they now
have the means via seniccav to take
someone's spirituality and destroying
their Light/Soul in the process

what do Ya think they're doing right now
with this untested/in tried,gene editing,
programmable eniccav that's creating never
before Seen statistics for illnesses(se's)/mutations
and death

the ones who don't die have been assimilated
successfully to the editing in the eniccav

We all need to open Our minds to what these
evils are actually capable of because tptb are
NOT Us in anyway there is nothing they will not
do to achieve their goals and their world

no line they won't cross/evil they wont do these
evils are ancient and soulless/no Morals/no anything
at all of the emotions/Soul/Light/Moral compass
that would stop one of Us from doing atrocious evil
deeds doesn't live in these things

We every single one of is nothing to these evils
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May 15, 2017
wonder why this isn't all over the news eh
does have a Good point to how much would
the monies being sent elsewhere Help these
Peoples get off the street or feed them



May 15, 2017
who else would have a 5foot sword or
a 3foot book,there is so much out there
that's been hidden from Us about Our
World,Ourselves everything

it's become so hard for most Peoples to even
entertain the thought that maybe giants,dragons
mythical beings,shadows,etc...did/do exist
but just cause We can't See/Hear Believe something
it doesn't mean it ceases to exist

even in Our World today there are those who're awake
to so much of how this system/evils work,yet they're
still so closed minded at the same time