False Flag season will soon be upon us again


Nov 24, 2020
It's that special time of the year when the thoughts of the powers that be turn to blood sacrifice and false flag events to shape public opinion and driving progress to their objectives:

April 19th is a key date:

The date of the first shedding of blood in the war of Independence (Lexington, 1776) 19 April The date the first country (Holland) officially recognised the US as a sovereign state (1782) 19 April The date the first blood was shed in the most traumatic event in its history, the Civil War 19 April The date its currency was utterly debased by taking it off the gold standard (1933) 19 April The date it first sacrificed Christian children by immolation in fire (Waco, 1993) 19 April The date it sacrificed Christian children by immolation in fire for the second time (Murrough building, Oklahoma, 1995) 19 April See the pattern? This recurring date, April 19th, is an important one in the occult. It marks the start of the 13 day cycle leading to May 1 st. Both dates – April 19th and May 1st – are deemed auspicious days for human sacrifice. May 1st is known as Bealtaine by witches, from the Celtic word, ‘Baal tine’ or fires of Baal. Baal is better known to most people as Moloch, the pagan god of the Bible which demanded the sacrifice of children by fire. If April 19th is a key date in the creation and paganisation of America, then it will very likely be a key date in its destruction. T
So be vigilant citizen!



Mar 4, 2020
When deciding if something's a false flag or not, we should take Buddha's good advice-
"Believe nothing, no matter who said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense"