Harry Styles and MK ultra


Nov 24, 2020
I disagree completely! That sounds, to me, as crazy and ridiculous as “Beyoncé is really a man!” Wow, some people truly possess quite vivid imaginations!! Wow, well, about men wearing skirts and everything; it’s no shock or horror to me. I used to dress in quite extreme, wild, bad ass punk rock attire when I was 18. I once had a boyfriend who was also a punk rocker. Just to be wild, here and there, he wore my skirt, which resembled a Scottish kilt in public. He wasn’t the only straight male punk or whoever that I’ve seen wearing a skirt. I’ve seen it plenty of times before also in high fashion runway shows. I assume you reside in a very small, sheltered town in the middle of nowhere where everyone looks the same, as a result of thinking like this. There’s nothing wrong with combining masculine and feminine. Native Americans call those who can feel both gender’s energy in their spirits “two spirited” individuals. I was a tomboy when I was a little girl. My wonderful father taught me how to play baseball. A short time later, I made the all- male Little League baseball team in our city. I was better than most of the guys on the team, and was chosen as the “designated hitter!” My dad told me “anything a boy can do, you can do just as good or better!” I am so grateful that he helped me develop my confident, aggressive, strong minded, brave, fearless, and tough “masculine side. Now…there are plenty of women who have those traits too BUT they are usually stereotyped as only MASCULINE traits in our society, which is unfair, sexist, and absolutely INACCURATE! My mum, (I’m American born, but she is British, unconventional, hilarious, extroverted, and should really work as a professional comedian), REALLY wanted to have children since she was a little girl. When she met my dad, they decided to have two. Now, some babies are brought into this world “by accident,” the women feel obligated to bear children, or pressured by their conventional parents, “society,” their friends, etc. Those babies grow up to be emotionally neglected children who never felt the unconditional, warm & comforting motherly love that I was fortunate enough to experience. Emotionally neglected & abused children grow up to be mentally screwed up adults, and have no idea why. They get in relationships and have no clue how to truly love their partner, or feel any empathy for people in general. Thanks to my Mum’s love, unconditional acceptance of me for who I am, and the mere fact that I was a WANTED baby, and the fact that she continued nurturing me, showing her love for me, which in turn, taught me how to love a person, (My life was not perfect; don’t get me wrong…)but to this day, I embrace, as a openly bisexual woman (I do prefer women regarding relationships), in this misogynistic, violent, sexist, lgbt phobic society that I do embody both “stereotypical” traits of both genders. It’s helped me in SO many ways. I’ve heard time and time again from people (I chose to lead a very unconventional, brave, potentially very dangerous lifestyle for many years) “I can’t believe that you did x,y, and a.. AND your a WOMAN!” I honestly wasn’t afraid of anything, or anyone, and felt confident, and even (unrealistically, obviously) invincible! My life is still unconventional, but is different. I’ve also known many transsexuals in my life, and “gender dysmorphia” is definitely listed in the DSM as a legitimate disorder. I’ve known men (and women) who were miserable until they underwent hormone therapy & gender reassignment surgery. Life is not always just black & white is my point. Sometimes there are gray areas in every aspect of this incredible universe; to me, that is what makes life interesting! Everyone is different! The biggest lie my country (USA) ever claimed was “all MEN (notice they didn’t acknowledge women) are created equal….” Bullsh*t Hahaaa!
I hear you. I'll try and give you a more complete answer, when time allows. I don't want to dash something off as I appreciate this is a sensitive subject and I have no wish to cause harm or offence.