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Tori V2

Oct 26, 2022
Anti-Hijab Protests Across Iran...

"India Today" now I understand better why they shortened the title instead of putting something like "anti-forced hijab". India, although rich in religious diversity, is known for its repression of religions other than Hinduism. It is so much easier for the mass media to make the protests look like anti-hijab and anti-Islam movements when the reality is quite different... They fall into the trap of the Iranian government that wants to make the protests look like Islamophobia then when in reality Iranians are fighting for the choice, whether to wear the hijab or not, and freedom. But since people are ignorant and stupid...


May 24, 2017
Omg, why is every post in this forum, under every topic ALWAYS a video to watch without it having not even 1 simple explanation as to what it is... I usually come here the time of day when I'm winding down & getting ready to sleep.... and watching a video ALWAYS puts me to sleep WAY b4 reading does.... I need a new site(s), anyone willing to help me with that? Thanks