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Jun 26, 2022
i didn't have kids but if i have one, i would never buy them that type of toys, they looks creepy as hell


Mar 12, 2022


Dec 1, 2019
MK Ultra with Bearbrick and Kaws
In my recent post Spot the Symbolism 20 [7], I included a photo of the hallway of Drake’s mansion complete with creepy figures that I had not seen before. They looked as though they were something to do with mind control, the way they were split down the middle…

I had never seen these figures before but thanks must go to Victoria, an ex mind controlled delta soldier, who told me that they were “Bearbrick and Kaws” figures and that she was mind control programmed with them under MK Ultra [7].
This post was originally posted on my symbolism blog 2023 May 23 foxblog4 MK Ultra with Bearbrick and Kaws [25]. The galleries there are better and have many more photos. The photos in this post on substack are limited. For all the photos and full galleries see the wordpress post [25].
Bearbrick is a brand of what are termed “collectible designer toys”, made by Japanese Company MediCom Toy Incorporated, [1].

The figure is an anthropomorphized bear with an extremely simplified form and a pot belly. Each plastic figure features nine parts – head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs. This gives eight points of articulation: swivel head, swivel waist, ball joint arms, swivel wrists, and ball joint legs. They were first released in 2001 [1].
Medicom Toys has had a long term collaboration with Kaws. Kaws is an alias / handle / brand of artist Brian Donnelly, who attended the School of Visual Arts New York City. Kaws’s signature style is characterized by an emphasis on color and line, distinctive graphics, such as the repeated use of “x”‘s on the hands, nose, eyes, ears, and the appropriation of pop culture icons such as Mickey Mouse and the Michelin Man. Kaws’s Companion is a grayscale clown-like figure based on Mickey Mouse with his face obscured by both hands, and two bones sticking out of his head. It was made by Japanese toy company Bounty Hunter and released in 1999, [3].

There are many different variations, types and sizes of figures of the joint Bearbrick Kaws collaboration, from 4cm to huge outdoor art installations.

Victoria said “The brand have two branches, Bearbrick and Kaws. They programmed me with these trash before they introduced the ones to you. It was 1993 December, I was 3 years old.” The figure they used with Victoria was the same size as her when they programmed her aged 3.
Victoria says “These bones above the head were connected to Mickey Mouse programming in Disneyland in Paris“.
Kaws Bearbrick Programming
Victoria told me that this Bearbrick figure “represents black and white basic third eye programming. It held all death states”.

That programming was reinforced by the murder of all my friends and relatives in MK ULTRA. They pretended this to me. MK ULTRA is their asset, so they planned to use and dispose of them later.
Black and white is the basic programming, colour parts were split later“.
Victoria continued “The symbolism is the death programming, it was layered on me in the Death gates I’ve shown to you earlier. Death is punishment for breaking the vow of silence. Fear programming.
They are waste of life, these parasites
[hivites], they have nothing else to control you.”
Essentially the Bearbrick Kaws figures were used in MK Ultra for sophisticated fear programming.
This Bearbrick is called the KAWS Bearbrick Dissected Brown.

Victoria explained “Split into two symbolizes hemisphere program – left or right one. Mine was like this one – cut open from the right side”.

This one represents vivisected kids. They did that in front of me. They forced me to do the reprogramming session or they will have my brother opened like this “doors”.
Vivisection is being cut open whilst alive with no anaesthetic.
Victoria told me “In one session I was put in death gates – two vivisected kids, standing on each side of Death gates. I died there. When I was revived I saw myself standing together with these two figures and big wooden doors in front of me. The light was behind the doors.
Afterwards Victoria was given Gamma programming…
Fear of Remembering
Reinforce: ‘Don’t tell’ parts
Trigger: Death gates
Hypnosis: If you remember
[the programming, cult etc] you will be vivisected just as these kids. If you tell anyone there will be consequences for you and for your family. We will have your brother opened like this door.
The result: Terror of big wooden doors as kid. Body memory – blades in my belly when I’ve tried to remember.

Kindergartens for Human Meat
One of Victoria’s handlers told her… ‘They have human farms for human meat for them [to eat]. Kindergartens are farms for human meat. Garden – for fruits ready to be harvested.
I am grateful to her for telling me that.
Kindergarten is a German word literally meaning “childrens garden”, widely used in it’s original German form in different languages, certainly British English.
Victoria says that her handler told her that hivite Kindergartens are for cultivating human meat for them. This is of course reminiscent of some of the Pizzagate revelations. Reseeit Pizzagate thread [24].

When I saw these figures in magazines I was lucky to already have integrated so it didn’t trigger or work on me at all anymore“.
Victoria’s integration of her parts took 6 years and included “three days of black porridge and three weeks my skin was full of the anthrax, my whole body was covered in it. After my body has cleaned itself from gamma energy I integrated the memory.
We can’t share our planet with them [Hivites] anymore. We can’t tolerate MK ULTRA and the rest of their practices. Hivites have to reap what they sow.
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Bearbrick KAWS Marketing and Cross Genre Appeal
As a marketing ploy and mass mind control trigger and reinforcement then it is a sophisticated operation.
The Bearbrick figures are largely sold unseen in blind boxes, with some rarer than others by measured percentages. There are many sizes from 4 cm to huge outdoor sculptures several times human size. They are made mostly in vinyl but also fibreglass, wood and bronze.
Amongst Donnelly’s trademark features are the bones for ears and the X for eyes.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Here his trademark features are shown on his figure “companion” based on Mickey Mouse.

Even the New Yorker writes that the KAWS heads suggest skulls, with bulbous crossbones, 3 lines on the chin hinting at missing lower jaws or sags of decaying flesh. It calls the figures jokey-saturnine, which appears code / euphemism for satanic [12].

On the dissected figures, the dissected side does not have Donnelly’s trademark X but a more conventional eye portrayed by a black and white circles.

This gives recogniseable X O symbolism for dissection / vivisection.
The dissected “toys” seem to be also called “flayed” unless there is a difference that has passed me by.

Flaying has a double meaning which is disturbing, especially as mind control is all about multiple meanings.
  • to remove the skin from a person’s or animal’s body
  • to whip a person or animal so hard that some of their skin comes off
Cross Sector Collaborations
One of Donnelly’s strengths is crossing and blurring the boundaries and barriers between sectors eg graffiti, street art, art, fine art, design, fashion, cartoon, animations manga, comic, films, commercial products, sport etc. His work transcends the different sectors and is easily recognisable with his trademark symbols eg. ears and eyes.
Donnelly’s KAWS album sold for $14 millions dollars in 2019…

Art as money laundering, tangent see [23].
Donelly has collaborated with Pharrell Williams, here on a perfume bottle.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Black / white, red / blue, colour programming.
Pharrell Williams himself is another hugely successul artist, famous for Lolicon. Lolicon is a genre of fictional media in which young, or young-looking girl characters appear in romantic or sexual contexts.
The perfume Girl continues on from his “It Girl” video…,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Dr. Tau called Pharrell Williams’ “It Girl” video “an ode to p***philia and child sex trafficking” [20].,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Pharrell is in a web of satanic artists like Takashi Murakami, Travis Scott and also connects to sportsman / covid jab influencer Damar Hamlin, see Takashi Murakami – Damar Hamlin, Travis Scott and Lolicon [15].
Travis is famous for deaths at his concert when opening a portal… Travis Scott Astroworld Decode Gina Phillips Part 1 & 2 [21].,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Damar Hamlin (or twin/clone/replacement etc) is notorious for wearing the Satanic Jesus jacket, designed by Takashi Murakami, when Hamlin reappeared in public weeks after collapsing on the pitch, which many thought to be jab related, see [15].,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Bearbrick Collaborations
Bearbrick brand themselves also collaborate with a range of other artists and corporations. They crossover into superheros and figures found in films, comics and cartoons.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
The superheros of Marvel Comics are far from just entertainment. They were used to influence / brainwash during the covid jab scam [19], and used in mind control, [see Fighting Monarch’s blog].,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Superheros were also used in child abuse material networks BK5 – McMinnville Police Gay “Porn” Network [19].
The rights to these figures Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Mickey Mouse, Captain America are always a complicated merry go round for researchers but Marvel, Disney, Sony are likely to be involved. This will be the tip of the iceberg of collaborations.
For full gallery see 2023 May 23 foxblog4 MK Ultra with Bearbrick and Kaws [25],q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
Various programming triggers above.
Mind Control and Bearbrick and Kaws
Apart from the mind control programming directly with individuals as Victoria experienced and described, there is obvious mind control symbolism in Bearbrick products.

Base differential hemisphere colour programming of brain with black / white and red / blue.
Similarly mind control imagery with Donnelly.,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
I am not sure what pink rabbit symbolism is but a white rabbit signifies the master programmer and playboy rabbit ears a mind control trigger. Pink symbolism I have not delved into, hopefully someone can enlighten me, especially as Donnelly appears to use a fair bit of pink and black symbolism.
Simple signs and symbols eg skull and bones, X, XO and dissection have been applied by Donnelly across multiple sectors eg art, fine art, design, fashion, animations, cartoons, manga, comics, toys, films, music, mechandising and commercial products.
These symbols can be used to reach huge amounts of people to influence them on a mass scale. Not only does this act to remind programmed individuals of their vows of silence and fear programming and any other associated progamming memories of vivisection, they can be used as mind control triggers for the public.
The figures comprise 9 parts and most can be moved and disassembled. They can mix and match and influence the chosen targets as mass mind control or specific for individual mind control programming.
This figure is on a T shirt and may be a pirate copy, but it gives an idea of what may possibly be done – different colours, symbols, people, shapes, dissections etc

A quick search on twitter reveals various KAWS art.

For full gallery see 2023 May 23 foxblog4 MK Ultra with Bearbrick and Kaws [25]
Various pink and black, star wars, sport, household furnishings etc. Interestingly the last piece, bottom right is not by Kaws but inspired by him and called MK Ultra.
Kaws Bearbrick appears to be a brilliant cult strategy to disseminate mind control symbols to the masses across a large spread of activities. Bearbrick / Kaws’ toy figures and design are highly profitable, highly flexible mass mind control influencers across many sectors – graffiti, street art, art, fine art, design, fashion, cartoon, animations manga, comics, films, commercial products, sport, toys, collectors items as well as being an investment and money laundering vehicle when required.
It is interesting that Victoria says that she was programmed with these figures in 1993, but they did not come onto the market until 2001. This raises questions of whether they underwent a thorough period of testing and effectiveness as mind control programming tools one on one by programmers and later released into the mass markets as a means of mass mind control.
It also perhaps raised the question again, on how much the individuals who front the innovations /products /ideas companies are really involved. Are they placed there as front men /patsys for the deep state mind controlled programmes just like Meta front man Zuckerberg? I would suspect that Brian Donnelly is one of the many many mind controlled individuals and with some aptitude for the artististic and design task was guided or placed into this position, to act as a conduit for mass mind control of the populace for the NWO.
I would also suspect that Drake is mind controlled, perhaps used as a programmer and certainly a mind control influencer.
Sales of Bearbrick, Kaws would also be a way of measuring how successful various sectors of their mind control strategy is in reaching the target population, in a similar way to the way they measure success of mind control by the amount of people in different sections at Barbra Streisand concerts.
We need to find out more about what the symbols could mean or act as triggers for eg skull and bones, X, XO. Do they link into other symbols being used eg by Ed Sheeran.

On one level the x for eyes, bones replacing ears, no mouth could indicate / symbolise the removal of senses and someone’s inability to communicate, representing shhh or silence “don’t see, don’t hear, don’t tell”.
On another level the symbols will mean something else, X can be Osisis Rising, bones – skull and bones 322 representing something wider and not sure on the XO either.

The Bearbrick only appear to have 3 fingers and a thumb, what does that represent? And the x on hands?
These figures give me the impression that we can’t look, we lie back and take it. Is that what they want us to do. Be compliant in the face of their NWO plan?

For full gallery see 2023 May 23 foxblog4 MK Ultra with Bearbrick and Kaws [25]
Too many of us know the intention, and will fight the evil all the way.
It is amusing the output of propaganda outlet wikipedia. I slightly paraphrase…
Kaws is the result of a democratic culture – from where you can see his pieces, to what the piece conveys, it allows everyone to be a collector on the same level, to tap into different principles of art such as fashion, corporate and fine art, and add a greater, simplified, meaningful desired aesthetic
What nonsense. This is the cover story for it being mind control – the ultimate authoritarian abuse of humans, mainly children.
This is art in embassies video, child trafficking and money laundering.

“ART IN EMBASSIES PROGRAM“ CHILD TRAFFIC [23],q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/
For full gallery see 2023 May 23 foxblog4 MK Ultra with Bearbrick and Kaws [25]
Thank you to Victoria for exposing this.
Victoria says…The wisest words of Jason (Jesus) who told his followers: “Continue to love your enemies and to pray for those who persecute you, so that you may prove yourselves sons of your Father who is in the heavens.” (Matthew 5:44, 45) Love your enemies. Otherwise you would be blindfolded to them.
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Check out Victoria’s blog Hivites Get Lit [26] and telegram group Truthiracy [16]



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