Welcome To Your NWO: A Rundown Of Woke Insanity Amid The Newest Cultural Revolution


May 15, 2017
this is sad,We Know who it's targeted at and why cause
We already Know that one "religion"they want to bring in
under the guise of love

there is soooo much of this
I'm Seeing it everywhere and it does all seem to be targeted
at younger girls but even the older girls are sadly extremely
vain today
thanks to filters,photoshop and all the beauty standards the
medias feed out to Us despite the words in the slogans they
spout off

I caught this w/e Ya wanna call it cause doing what they are
Ya can See it in their eyes they're not the same anymore so I'm
not sure if human would be right or maybe a dessessop body

in the video below is where i Seen this and i do not have tiktock
so cannot veiw anything on there but the link for anyone who can
and wants to go See what this is all about

marker 28:24
their page

We See this being pushed heavy now on all platforms by all kinds
of "celebrities"and We Know why