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I've just sold my homing pigeon for the 24th time this week.

This working from home thing is just ace! Should have done it years ago.
Are the Christmas cracker jokes out already? I swear it gets earlier and earlier every year
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Do you get your crackers from M & S? Top quality joke that. Hey you've proved you're not a bot just by getting the joke....well done. :cool:
Jesus promised his disciples and all who would receive him the gift of the holy spirit. God through Christ reconciled the world to him and actually dwells within the saints who are now the temple of God. The purpose of the holy spirit is to glorify God and Christ. Jesus said he will testify of me. When we are yielded to and filled with the holy spirit he will use you to magnify and exalt Jesus here on Earth.

As the currency here in the UK plummets faster than Joe Biden's cognitive ability we are needing some type of morale booster

We will soon be revealing a new superstar rapper who will be equivalent to America's 50 Cent......He's called The Pound
great speech by meloni of italy. we need more of this.
2 min.

There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but "the tongue of the wise brings healing." Proverbs 12:18
Two things that will really bless your walk with the Lord

1) Knowing that in Christ you receive the spirit of adoption(the holy spirit) and God is now your father.

2) If possible creating a prayer room which you can be with God. This has brought me the most freedom and healing. You can speak to God as a father or really good friend and he always comes in to revive and bring healing.
the prophetic clock has struck Yah will release His prophets in a mighty way with signs and wonders and acts. watch what will unfold now because Yah will serve justice the Lord will judge. the time of grace is over now people will die while they are sinning. REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND! TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED TO ANYONE. seek the Lord Jesus Christ in His Holy written Word while He may be found.
It's sad how many people on this forum are feeding into superficiality and MK Ultra. I just wish they realized what they are doing. So many don't even think twice about this kind of thing. And it's always this that they are blind to, sadly.
I see so many people into the whole "house of the dragon" thing. They think that shipping the 14 year old character in that show with her older uncle is cute. Wow. If only they realised the two horrible and blatant agendas they are promoting, they wouldn't ship them, anymore!
In the latest episode of mourn porn it has been announced that some foodbanks will close as a mark of 'respect' to the Queen. How nice of them to force children to go hungry in honour of lizzie. I think the UK should consider changing its flag to this for at least the next few days

question for other VC members: have you personally seen any edible insects/insect products on the shelves yet?