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  • ahh yes bc someone elses jidgement of me being pessismistic arsehole all bc i said theres enough news on the telly to be miserable about? bahahaha the hypocrisy of this forum how does it expect everyone to be a ray of sunshine when the world is the way it is?
    people are mentally draining me now more than ever, how come? hopefully im in my last life time cause i dont wanna do anymore
    From your posts, it sounds like you´re very focused on seeing the negative in other people.
    people are exhausting to deal with as modern society is in shambles, how is that a wrong thing to say?
    am allowed to have an account but no allowed to dosagree not allowed to use logic not allowed any other opinion other than the ones that are most popular and am told to "fuck off" from this forum if i merely disagree. what utter retards society has become
    lol tis forum dont want random thoughts to be about random thoughts unless it can try to treat other users like shit for posting random thoughts in random thoughts. buncha cowards hiding behind screens how childish
    i have realised all ppl do nowadays online is bitch and whine at others who bitch and whine.
    • Haha
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    think its always been used for that with certain types
    of Peoples
    personally being disabled the internet has been a life
    saver for me,it gives me a place to connect and talk to
    other Peoples
    it also offers all types of Knowledge at Your finger tips
    which is what i Love the most about this technology
    true but it just feels like im not adding anything new to it even today or recently cant be arsed to merely log in or offer anything new compared to what other users say. i dint get dopamine from basic entertainment and even websites are less entertaining when its a repeat of posts and users yammering bc theyw ant to be validated for some social points hierarchy
    i'm sure Ya can contribute new things/opinions and theories
    sometimes when it becomes stagnant,repetitive like Ya feel it is
    taking a little time off the net or these tpes of websites/topics
    and doing something Ya enjoy doing
    will and does inspire change,thought etc....
    whys things so stagnant? stagnant conversations that get nowhere or stagnant enrtertainment that i hve seen and heard before so its boring to me, stagnant people who are self absorbed do not make for good friends, so much in society is dull mundane nothing new. watching paint dry would be more fun than watching downfall of society
    is anyone else not feeling drained even after socialising for more than 5 minutes? people are fucking exhausting.
    I respectfully disagree. The Buddhist, Islamic, Christian teaching is to dig within ourselves to find the patience, compassion, and light to entertain others as sad as they may be. There's a fine line between enabling narcissism/dementia vs. being supportive but God is the All-Merciful and knows best.
    I get it. People crave validation these days.
    There is not much genuine connection left. Surround yourself with genuine people only. They are rare, but you got to be selective for the sake of your emotional well-being. Also try to be caring towards people who really need it, like the ones who are suffering. It will be more fulfilling for your soul. And until then why don't you explore some hobby?
    countries are being screwed over with

    people are constantly being screwed over with

    people are constantly being hypocrites with their own bullshit

    no one takes accountability anymore

    any other reason to still be apart of modern day society?
    why do most holidays just end up feeling like any other day of the year nowadays? its way overhyped that anyone should decorate their property before the week of christmas itself. any other time before that is obnoxious. presents are kind of bland and repetitive after awhile so what else is there about the holidays that make it seem less special? it shouldnt even be about presents but spending time with one another
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