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  • Very well. I’ll stop playing the game. But I have one condition : Don’t come talk to me about it. What was just carefree silly play, turned very sourly for me. So let’s stop from here, and move the fuck out with our lives! Granted, there is more to live than playing games :)

    And no life, is not a game. It’s much more than that’s ! Have a nice days everyone.
    In that’s case, I think I should go back to my beliefs of 2020 2021 : Trusting no one. Being friends with no one. Being scared of everyone. In case I would feel hurt and tossed away. In a society where your acts and very thoughts were scrutinized to their core to see whether you would be even allowed to « exist » with the others.
    Being got to say to stop playing a game « Cause I’ll derail it » on a forum who I though was less social pressuring about silly rules (it was just a game « pick a word drop a word » btw, nothing too major ) is… Very very vexing.
    Algh it I over did negativity a little bit. I should stop for sometime now. Though you can still talk to me though, don’t get me wrong but let it be about positive stuff.
    WARNING: Do not consume kinder products at any cost and don't let your childrens consume it at any cost even if they throw you the tantrum of their lifetime, just DON'T.


    Initial info found on bfmtv.
    I catched a cold. Sore (and now dry but not sore anymore yay!) throat, sneezing, lost of smell (there are moments when I recover it for like just seconds or 1 min.) headache, no fever. No awful pain in the body!

    In case it would be "coronavirus" then this is very usual cold like older years level.

    I've know much worses cold and flu before coronavirus was even a thing ✌
    World war 3.....Such horrible times to be alive
    Ya, they've always lied. 9/11 is a famous date, but the Vietnam war, Pearl harbor, many false flags were used to get Muricans into wars.

    A day Americans need to remember is when they repealed the smith mundt act. Which made it illegal to propagandize the people. Think about it. removing a law that made it illegal to lie to citizens.
    Orwell's mentor, yes. There is a synchronicity between the advancement of technology and people's dreams of a white future AND great destruction. World War I, right after the industrial revolution. After all the fantasies about the new millennium, in its first year, the collapse of the twin towers. Maybe recently they were angry that the internet brought people in different parts of the world too close.
    Because we would realize that the division is not caused by religion, nation, the name of the system or geography, but by the upper class who don't want to give up their privileges.
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