Britney Spears revelation


May 21, 2017
Finally. This is the disgusting evil bs she endured. We should all pray for her and commend her on getting to a place where she can finally speak the actual TRUTH about what they did. What we SAW in the media. Power on, sister. Blessings.


Mar 26, 2021
This has been enlightening.

I think, especially on these kinds of forums where we hope to uncover power plots, social intrigues, conspiracies, it’s easy to presume that very famous and powerful people are always willingly complicit or fully aware of their role in a societal control plot.

It’s easy to forget just how powerful the “mental health” apparatus in most societies are, how much they’re working in coordination with Big Pharma and national security “Intelligence” power players that can get restraints or cuffs on someone — even get someone penetrated and injected with substances against their will!— just under the guise that they’re under confusion and duress and needed an “emergency” decision made by a “professional.”

We all saw the abuses happen with the COVID psy-op or bioweapon launch.

To be in this situation can be particularly disturbing when you know you have wealth and influence but it doesn’t matter; then you’re at a whole, other level of being at their mercy.

I do hope, when she’s ready, she reflects on her doubts in the presence of God. Throughout the Bible, the most meaningful and difficult tasks were given to those who were tried, who suffered and bore the most. Some of the most sacred gifts we can be given are the hardest ones to understand.

There was a purpose for this and for her and for a greater battle; this place is not the end.She is angry now but I hope the time will come when she will seek to discern why she has been given this burden, one she never would have chosen for herself and what it has meant.

This is where faith comes in, the faith to accept that God does have something bigger going on and that it will be revealed when he knows the time it must.