Disney Exposed


Nov 29, 2023
Chip and dale have a lot of pizzagate. And Bestiality context.

House of Owl

Ann-Marie (Judith Barsi) is girl actress who was ritually murdered. Thank you @Seekeroftruth55 for brought this movie to our attention.
Margaret Wise Brown MISTER DOG have the similar context -- boy lives and sleeps with a dog. In this movie Charlie the demon looking like Dog lives and sleeps with orphanated girl Ann-Marie who wore red skirt and have ribbon monarch programming. She also have toy rabbit and Carface and Charlie exploit her ability to talk with animals to make money.


Whatever happened to Ann's birth parents is unknown and she was somehow found and kept prisoner by Carface who exploited her ability to speak with animals.

Adult things in the animated movie.

The house have purple lights on it and black pentagram shaped chandelier. Puppies have purple, green, pink and blue colors.
The whole scene have ritual context -- dogs dancing have circles and octogon and pentagram. There also Red carpet and red light -- RED ROOM context.
Scene begins with evil laugh. Charlie with Ann are coming to house near old graveyard to do evil deeds in the shadow dark of night. Charlie tell Ann that people he knows are doing bad things and in context he refers to people from the said old house.
Puppies listen to radio where they hear scream of a woman. Charlie then ask if someone ordered a pizza and introduce Ann as special guest.
Puppies then tear apart pizza. Charlie then uses word Pizza fellows and sharen one slice with pepperoni (red dots). The whole song they singing sitting in the circle. During the dance puppies grasp Charlie's back and each other's ones -- Sodomy and orgy.

After they done sharing pizza Charlie takes cubic box at his head -- cube of Saturn.
Charlie smashes the box and he gives all dogs cake with pink creme and cherry on it. While they are devouring it Charlie looks sad which is infit to the scene but if you remmeber the cake also represent eating a kid it does make sence.

Distracts Annabelle by flirt. And he had clear love with Flo.
With SEX magic symbolism

Hell and Satan
I realise this was posted some time back, but upon watching, a couple of other things struck me with the pizza gate video: the opening scene, you see a shadow of the German shepherd dog is carrying all of the pizza boxes on his head, as he is walking up the stairs. The shape of the German shepherd with the pizza boxes on its head to me looks just like an orthodox fake jew, wearing one of those bearskin hats that they wear. The body movement of the shadow, as its depicted walking up the stairs, looks very much sexually suggestive, rather than walking up a stair. Remebering that the dog is walking up the stairs with a young girl.