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May 21, 2017

Can I sue an employer for discrimination if I get fired for not getting the COVID vaccine?
Im concerned about these national mandates regarding the COVID vaccine as I work from home for a large corporation. I do not plan on getting the vaccine since I work from home and limit my contact with others. If I am fired for not getting vaccinated in New Mexico is there any legal action I can take against that employer?

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Yes you can sue them. They are violating your Constitutional Rights and inalienable right to choose your own healthcare and they are violating the Due Process clauses of the 14th and 5th Amendments to Constitution. It says a State (or state agency or business authorized under state licensing) cannot deprive you of life and liberty without due process of law. The courts have ruled that you have a right to choose your own health care and no one or no business can force it on you against your will. That violates the Nuremberg Codes that outlawed that in International Law since Hitler's doctors did that and they were sentenced to death for those evil actions.
Check out Pacific Justice Institute as they have 1-2 page documents you can download to show your employer that it is illegal to force vaccines on you and you can claim religious exemptions (they are absolute and they cannot ask for proof on those based on 1st Amendment). https://pacificjustice.org/

Forcing vaccines on you is your employer practicing medicine without a license, which is a criminal felony (check your N.M. statutes- Its a felony in Florida to "prescribe any medical treatment" without having a doctor's license. It also violates HIPAA and many state and federal statutes, like the Civil Rights Act. The government (and likely businesses) to force some evil Toxic health destroying Toxxine on you (Vaccine) they must prove 3 things:
1. There is some extreme danger so the Toxxine is necessary (The Virus is not dangerous at all and has been greatly LIED about and Exaggerated about how deadly it is, since only about 10,000 people in USA have really died from that alone since the hospitals, doctors, CDC, FDA are all lying about the death stats and paying hospital thousands of dollars to LIE and say someone died of the Virus when it was really cancer or a auto accident. And mostly it is old super sick people who did die because they were weak already. The Medical establishment are LIARS and Deceivers. 99.97% of the people who get it survive, so that is not dangerous at all.

2. Prove the Vaccine will heal you. They CANNOT DO THAT since it does NOT protect you at all (even the lying CDC FDA has admitted that) and it destroys your immune system and fills your body with dozens of super dangerous toxins chemicals aborted baby parts, microchips, mRNA that changes your DNA, makes your body produce Spike proteins that destroy your body and organs and hundreds of thousands of people have already died from the Vaccine Toxxine, some within 1-3 days of taking it. The Vaccine is designed to make people sick and destroy their health because they want to make more money and it is pushed by evil global de-population fanatics who dream up ways to kill people without being charged for murder. (Bill Gates video from 2010 on the 7 best ways to kill off humans because too many people he said-{why does not volunteer to go away?}). People are getting crippled, in severe pain, go in hospitals right after getting the Toxxine shot.

3. They must prove there is no other safer, less restrictive methods, which they certainly cannot prove that either. Vitamin C D Zinc Garlic Oregano ginger, herbs minerals and veggie juice has easily cured people within a day or hours after taking those, even by medical doctors in Asia. Also Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquine, quinine and other medicines have treated and killed the virus super quick and easy with no side effect at all. Almost 100% heal rate with Zero deaths and nearly zero side effects. The govt and businesses cannot prove any of the 3 things needed. Ask your boss to show you the evidence he has to prove all of these. Does he have proof that Vaccines heal, work, do not have side effects and that nothing else works? He will not have anything because the boss is just being a parrot believing all the Lying propaganda they hear.

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Jan 29, 2018
The bozo train was off the rails today... this time on NPR as a "panel" discussed what the private sector can do to "help stop the spread of covid" which was actually a 60-90 minute commercial selling proof-of-jab as being necessary for employment along with other "measures" via fear-mongering standards such as vaxxes/mandates/passports/masks/"mental health care" and etc...

Led by an airline CEO and Molly Moon repping her Seattle ice cream mini-empire, there was no honest questioning or pushback regarding ANYTHING from even a basic critical analysis/assessment perspective. It was just full speed ahead "take-our-rights-inject-mystery-solutions-which-we're-unable-to-get-actual-data-on-or-sue-if-things-go-wrong-to-save-the-world-from-this-pandemic-which-doesnt-exist-even-according-to-our-own-numbers" media. Of particular note was the cheerleading/essentially threatening if the jab dont become manditory and their open, unhinged focus on children, people of color and people in/of certain regions/religions (those being the three main statistical jab holdouts) getting stuck.

These are supposed industry leaders and ultra-successful individuals repping both major corporations and "mainstreet" American business interests... it was embarrassing to listen to them babble around the deficiencies in the scripts they were given to read. Some were no-doubt outright assets repeating their lines and some just duped true-believers yammering because there was a mic in their face but either way...

These people are reality-deficient to the degree of being a reverse mirror image of climate change deniers... which is a convenient coincidence straight from that same old playbook, benefiting who? Its bathing both "sides" of their Duopoly team-sport charade in stupidity. When either climate change deniers or covid mandate supporters say they rely on "science" it might be a good idea to ask oneself... "Is this person legitimately or willfull ignorant here?"

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Mar 30, 2017
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