Eye on Israel...(...and the Spiritual Battle behind the war...)

Feb 12, 2022
So its not only some of the Jews who think they are the chosen ones but interacting with some brain-dead "so-called" Christians here at this forum, I realized they also think they are special lol.:p
Thankfully Qur'an being the word of God, do not let us Muslims to be this delusional, that we are special or something, it keeps us balanced, we can critically think and tend to not get boastful like Satan, as the seed of pride is clearly from the "Rejected one". Remember, Satan also thought he was superior compared to Adam. Due to this approach, it helps us Muslims to identify the obvious outright evil which is happening right now, at the hands of Israel, and hypocrites in this thread justify the mass murder of kids, while dreaming about their salvation.

Alhamdullilah, for keeping some of us away for such disease of heart, where a human life for these people are less important than winning stupid arguments on the internet. You people who justify Israel in its wrongdoings right now are clearly the ones about whom God says, "People who do not reason"

[ "The Congregation", Chapter 62: verse 6 and 7]


["The Tablespread" , Chapter 05: verse 18]


And it's clearly not a anti-Christian and anti-Jew statement because God also tells us in Qur'an about people of scripture:

["The Family of Imran, Chapter 03, verse 113-115]


Its for ones who are righteous and only God will decide, who is who. Be it Muslim, Christian or a Jew. :)
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