Travis Scott's satanic ritual with 5G and Vaccine


Aug 22, 2021
An accident seems to be the case, but thats why this site is here, to dig deeper to see if the imagery and symbols tell another story. L3M4 if that is the most rational comment youve seen in decades, why are you still wasting your time here?
I'm still waiting yet for you to specifically explain how imagery and symbols took away the life of those fans in a "sacrifice" ?


Apr 19, 2021
The victims were crushed by others in the audience. How is this an intentional event or a sacrifice? If people think so low of the music celebs that the culture creators throw at em, why do they still talk about them if they think they're satanic? Why not just ignore them so they will all go away? Sadly this stuff will help this guys career in the end.
It was intentional cause they could have easily stopped the concert when they were crying for help, since the concert started there were already mobs forming and barricade breaking. That was a big sign they should have stopped it. They did nothing to save them, they just let them die. The entire crew didn't do anything till it was far too late. Worst thing is that it was all planned out, even his latest release is called "Escape Plan", ironic much.
May 18, 2018
Fact is all of these concerts are satanic rituals. “Artists” of that type are just auto tuned pawns who were willing to go through the rituals. I don’t buy that they died from crowd pushing, I’ve been at concerts with insane mosh pits and having people crushed up to the front, no one has ever died from this. The images of the guy continuing to sing as he literally stares at dead people being carried away are chilling. And when the ambulance is coming into the crowd, he tells everyone to put a middle finger up to the sky (to God) and then continues the concert, doesn’t tell them to move aside for it or anything. 0666D3F0-B096-4C0E-883D-33807E93185E.jpeg
Nov 5, 2021
This was a satanic ritual sacrifice, no doubt.
  • Gates of hell reference shown in @lightseeker post.
  • Travis encouraged more people to rush into the show without a ticket on Twitter, increasing the chances of crushes happening when over max safe capacity.
  • The huge moving evil eye that was part of the stage behind the 8* huge plumes of fires (*at least 8 people died).
  • "See you on the other side." text on the stage screen before the deaths happened.
  • The fact that when the crush was happening, no security were helping and attempts to alert them, the camera-men and Travis himself were either brushed-off or completely ignored.
  • Travis was encouraging the crowd to jump and stomp at the same time people had been thrown to the floor.
  • Travis continuing to sing (chant) while the medical team was stretchering a body and seemed to be just staring intensely at the scene unfolding (instead of stopping the show/telling the crowd to move out of the way for the medical team)
  • Drake being there, Drake who has many signs of the occult/Moloch in his albums and music videos.
And that's without even going into the whole 5G towers/high frequency waves/vaccine theory.


Feb 18, 2020


May 15, 2017
As I said in the other thread
1-to attend anything like this you have to be fully up on your eniccav n show your pass
2- a main side effect that even ms news mentioned is cardiac arrest
We all know that a lot of people have breathing issues after any of the vs
Ya get enough people in a crowd
pressing ,pushing crowding each other
to the point bodies are more or less stuck together with no where to go
Which we know they were over capacity by a lot
Even the ambulances could not get threw
He shoulda stopped there and parted the seas of people he didn't
People will drop when
adrenaline rush of being out for the first time for a lot of them
The heat,bodies and w/e else ya maybe drinking or taking
If ya have breathing issues already specially
People are going to drop

Stampede is gonna happen soon as more than a few drop dead on the floor and there is a rumour of a unknown someone injecting people

The stampede could also have been preplanned easily
by orchestrating that someone in the crowd is injecting people with some unknown drug that is dropping them
It's of course got all the staples of a sacrifice because it was a sacrifice
People are choosing that word over and over because they can feel it too
We know that because they could have easily stopped it
By security doing their jobs
TS not promoting the break ins
continuing with the concert
despite people begging for help or seeing the people in need of help
Everyone knows the venue was over crowded way pass capacity
Why did they allow it to happen
to push a few agendas
As I bet when all is said and done
the ones who broke in without tickets
will have been the ones without the v pass
So you'll have a outbreak from that
Push that get your shot narrative
The stampede n people dropping
from a unknown person doing harm in the crowd
Helps push us closer to digital
by using these tragedies and past concert tragedies
as a reason why virtual is better for everyone
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Jun 19, 2021
I'm still waiting yet for you to specifically explain how imagery and symbols took away the life of those fans in a "sacrifice" ?
Imagery and symbols dont take peoples life, the occult that use those symbols do and I didnt say it was a sacrifice, but I think it could of been. The event staff were grossly negligent. "See you on the other side"?? The lack of response to terrified fans. I saw a video where a girl jumped onto the camera platform screaming for help and the cameraman just continued filming. Plus Travis Scott standing over the crowd like a satanic high priest in a trance while everyone is screaming. His public response was artificial as well. Im just trying to see if that was all there was to it, purely an accident.



Nov 7, 2021
Those people had been turned off I thin. People were struggling to breath. guess what that stadium has 5g. beamed directly on the people oxygen deprived. Could this be a another psyop? The stampede shit was a lie. nobody was running at night that shit cap.
May 18, 2018
There’s lots of livestream from the event. The crowd looked no more cramped then usual. They’re trying to say someone was going around injecting people that made them die, there will be no evidence for this either. My two options are : it’s a cover up for vaxxed people dropping dead simultaneously and the satanic imagery is just par for the course for concerts these days. Or it was some dark sh*t, intentional, which is seems like from the video, how they didn’t stop the show and kept it going.


May 11, 2020
What a crazy and satanic reality we live in. Satanic concerts with sorcerers on stage bewitching people with their sorceries, killer 5G networks emitting deadly auras that interact with killer vaccines. Its like all thats in the forecast is death.


May 15, 2017
Seems that way Lyfe
Because it is that way
we well most of us are the 99%
That are eaters and breeders
Those with money
Of course there is always exceptions to the rules
look as those in that 99% as just that
Leeches using up all their resources
Gates says it all in the one interview
That if we can drop the population enough
Then we can all live as luxurious as we please without worry
Like those worries about food shortages and such
They say it with the movies,tv shows,music videos and every other ms advertisements
The world has way too many people
they are always looking and think tanking ways
to lessen that population number
They showed how many times in how many ways
that a vaxxine can be used as a massive depopulation tool
With great results
They have bunkers and places they can protect themselves from reality
they have already showed us how they are living and where
They have the money n means to not have our worries
They are in the know on what is going on in the world
Because they have helped to engineer this world
How can you be so certain the truth they tell you is the actual truth
We have seen more than enough lies
to know they do not tell the whole truth when ever it suits their needs
Which usually means something to keep them where they are in status n life
I am sorry for me it is just logical to always ask questions
you cannot know the answers if your not asking the questions
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Jan 20, 2021
A lot of numerical signalling around this event:

Yep. It is definitely planned by the numbers.